7+ Ways To Use Grammarly Premium FREE in 2023

Do you want to improve your writing skills? You need Grammarly.

Although Grammarly has a free plan, there are many limitations in the free plan. And if you are reading this blog, it means you want to use Grammarly Premium free. Right?

I use Grammarly Premium to proofread my texts. It is one of my favorite tools.

But if you are a beginner, you may not have enough money to purchase this $12 per month tool, don’t worry; I am here to help you with that.

No matter what, I have the solution because this blog will guide you with eight working methods to get Grammarly Premium for free.

There are hundreds of blogs on “Grammarly Premium Free,” – so why read this one? Because it’s comprehensive, honest, and tells you everything you need to know.

I read many blogs and watched many videos on YouTube, and after trying them out, I found these eight working methods to get the Grammarly Premium plan for free.

In this blog, you will find-

  • My Grammarly premium account cookies.
  • How to Access Grammarly Premium through Free Trial.
  • Grammarly Premium account email and password (Myth).
  • Best Grammarly Premium alternative.
  • Join Grammarly Affiliate, earn a commission, and then spend it on Grammarly premium.
  • Buy Grammarly Premium at a low price from GroupBuySEO tools.

So, I am sure that after reading this blog, you will be using the Grammarly premium account.

Are you ready?

8 Working Tricks to Get Grammarly Premium for Free 2023

Grammarly can be a beneficial tool, but its pricing is too high, so I am giving it to you for free. It is a tool that can correct your grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

It won’t make you eloquent, but it will fix most of your errors. You can use it in Word or Outlook. The free version has significant limitations.

Therefore I am providing you with the methods to use its premium plan for free. Before writing this blog, I researched different methods to deliver the best working ways.

Follow the tips in this article and enjoy a premium subscription to Grammarly for free.

Trick 1. Use Grammarly Premium Cookies

You can watch thi

You can get Grammarly Premium for free by using some premium cookies. Many of you may be wondering – what are cookies? How do they work, and how can I use them to get a free Grammarly account?

Don’t worry; I have you covered. I have created an in-depth article on Grammarly Premium Cookies, where you will find everything you need to know. I have also included a step-by-step guide on how to use them so you can start immediately.

Step 1. First, you need to create a free Grammarly account (a one-time process) and don’t need to pay anything to create an account.

Step 2. Now you can go to Chrome Web Store, download Cookie Editor Extension, and pin it.

image 8Pin

Step 3. Now go to the page, and copy the cookies.

Tool NameGrammarly
TypePremium Account
Cookies StatusWorking 🟢

Step 4. Now go to the Grammarly website and open the cookie editor extension you installed in your browser.

Step 5. After opening the Cookie Editor extension, click the Bin icon below and clear all the existing cookies first. Once deleted, click the import button and past the cookies you copied above. Check the video below on how to do it.

Step 6. Once you have pasted the cookies successfully, closed the extension, and refreshed the page, you will be logged in to a free Grammarly premium account.

Note: Once you have successfully logged in to a Grammarly premium account, don’t log out and make any changes. However, if the cookies are not working for any reason or have expired, email me.

Trick 2. Use Grammarly Business 7 Days Free trial.

Thank god Grammarly offers a free trial for its business plan. And yes, there is not free trial with the premium trial; you will only get it with the business plan. So, the idea is that you will purchase the business plan, which will not cost you anything, and within seven days, you have to claim the refund, and you can use all the premium features of Grammarly with this trick, and can use a premium account.

Follow these steps:

grammarly free trialPin
  1. Go to the registration/sign-up page.
  2. Fill in the details.
  3. Click the Signup button.
  4. Click Get Grammarly Premium
  5. Click on the monthly plan.
  6. Insert the payment method: PayPal, Visa, or Mastercard
  7. Complete payment transaction.

Before using it, keep this thing in your mind.

  • You tried to sign up for a free trial but have an old account. How do you fix it? In this new era, you must close all open browser windows and sign out of your old account. Suppose you use a free account, close Chrome, and relaunch it. Next, clear your cookies and cache.
  • You need to sign up from a different account.
  • Remember to cancel your subscription within seven days if you want a full refund. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a refund.

Using this trick, you can use Grammarly’s premium account for seven days for free. Yes, Grammarly also provides a free plan to use their tool for seven days.

Trick 3. Get Grammarly Premium Free For Students

Grammarly offers free licenses to students through Grammarly@edu, a solution made specifically for large organizations and schools. To discover more and sign up for a free trial account, visit Grammarly@edu.

If you have an EDU email address, you can follow these steps to get a free Grammarly premium account:

  1. Visit www.grammarly.com/edu on your browser
  2. Send them the requirements
  3. Once they approve it, you can access the Grammarly premium features!

Trick 4. Use Grammarly Premium Accounts Free 2023

You know what? I searched the same thing on Google. How can I get Grammarly Premium Accounts for free?

I found many results on google, ranking on the 1st page.

So I visited each of them; they claim they provide you with the Grammarly premium account (With their email and password).

I was very excited, I copied those emails and passwords and tried all of them, but none worked for me.

I wasted my time, effort, and energy. So you think, if someone buys a premium or business account of Grammarly, why do they give their premium account’s email and password for free?

They will not.

They all are making a fool of you. That’s why I am telling you, Don’t look for Grammarly premium accounts because they will not work.

I have provided cookies of Grammarly premium (my account); you can easily use them and access the Grammarly premium account.

With the Grammarly premium cookies, you can access the premium account without the need for any Email or password of the

Trick 5. Use QuillBot Premium Free

image 5Pin

You want Grammarly Premium for proofreading your text, right? If I can provide you with a suitable alternative to QuillBot, I don’t think you will look for Grammarly Premium.

QuillBot has more features than Grammarly Premium, so there is no reason not to use QuillBot. In a post, I guided you on how to get QuillBot premium free.

You should check the post and try QuillBot Premium.

Trick 6. Join Grammarly Affiliate Program

Why am I telling you to join the Grammarly affiliate program? After joining the Grammarly affiliate program, is there something you will get the Grammarly premium for free?

The answer is probably yes; Grammarly gives you a decent amount of affiliate commissions. If you have many friends or you have some followers on social media, you can promote this tool for free.

image 4Pin

If anyone creates a Grammarly account from your referral link, you will get $0.20 per successful signup, and if they purchase the premium plan, you will get $20.

Using the money earned from the Grammarly affiliate program, you can purchase the Grammarly premium tool without paying a penny from your pocket.

To promote their services, first, you have to create an account.

Trick 7. Ask Premium Account For Review

If you need a premium account for free, you can contact the Grammarly team and request one for review. If you are a blogger or a YouTuber with active followers, they may give you a premium account for review. You can use the below format to contact them. This is only an example. You can change the text in red as required.

To contact the Grammarly team, click here.

Ask Like This

Hello! Myself {Your Name}, is the proprietor of downloadandenjoy.com, a technology blog {Mention your niche} that is proliferating in the Tech and SEO niches.

Every day, 5000 unique visitors visit the site to read my content and find it helpful and exciting. As the leading grammar-checking application on the market, Grammarly is an excellent tool for anyone looking to improve their writing.

That’s why I want to publish a comprehensive review of Grammarly – it will benefit my visitors, and you’ll get more reach.

I would love to be able to write a review for Grammarly Premium, but without actually having access to the account, I feel like it would be disingenuous. I would strongly urge the Grammarly team to consider offering me a trial premium account so that I can explore all of its features and capabilities and publish a review on my website.

Best Regards,
Your Name

Trick 8. Buy Grammarly Premium At a Cheap

Many Group Buying SEO tool websites provide excellent SEO tools at the cheapest rate. Here you will get a Grammarly premium at $1 per month. But the monthly plan of Grammarly premium starts from $12 per month.

But how do they provide such an expensive tool for just $1 monthly? They purchase a device and then distribute it to many users, which decreases the cost of the tool.

This is how they can provide you with the Premium Tools at the cheapest rate. Here I am providing some best GroupSEOTool websites to purchase Grammarly Premium at the cheapest rate.

  1. SEOShope.com
  2. ToolzBuy
  3. ToolZen
  4. Flickover
  5. Star SEO tools

Uses of Grammarly Premium

Grammarly is a powerful grammar-checking software. It has many uses, including clear, concise writing, finding and correcting mistakes, and refining your vocabulary. 

Unlike other grammar tools, it understands the context of what you’re trying to say to give you a very accurate, detailed analysis of your text.

It can also help with proofreading and essay writing. I use Grammarly Premium to check grammatical mistakes in my blog posts. 

Like to edit a video, you need the best Video Editor, so to edit a text, you need the best Grammar checking tool.

Why use Grammarly?

Grammarly is an easy-to-use online grammar checker that gives suggestions for improving your writing. It is intelligent, precise, and accessible.

What makes Grammarly so great? First, Grammarly checks a wide range of errors. It checks for over 250 grammar rules and can check your writing in 40 languages.

What is Grammarly Premium

Grammarly Premium is a subscription service that can help you with grammar, punctuation, and spelling. 

It’s available online and as an app on your computer or mobile device. Grammarly Premium will catch grammatical mistakes as you type with the extension installed in your browser. 

In the Premium plan, you will get the following features:

#1. Everything in Free– You will get all the features of the free plan, plus some additional features.

#2. More Clarity– Grammarly will automatically rewrite the hard-to-read sentences and simplify them.

grammarly premium featuresPin

#3. Tone Adjustments- Grammarly automatically detect and eliminate hedging language or unnecessary qualifiers to sound more confident.

grammarly premium plan featuresPin

#4. Plagiarism Checker- It will ensure your work is fresh and original by checking it against 16 billion web pages.

#5. Word Choice- Grammarly lets you find vivid words to enliven every message.

image 7Pin

#5. Formality Level– This function in the Grammarly premium plan will enable you to write with the appropriate tone, even when you are in a hurry.

image 8Pin

#6. Fluency– This feature will ensure your word choices sound natural and fluent.

image 9Pin

#7. Additional Advanced Features- With the Grammarly premium plan, you will get many other features like fixing inconsistencies in spelling and punctuation, adjusting the tone, and getting additional advanced feedback.

If you are not a premium subscriber to Grammarly, you will only have access to your document’s first 5-6 consecutive words. You will need to upgrade to Grammarly premium to continue proofreading.

But don’t worry. If you are not a premium user of Grammarly, I will give you free access to Grammarly Premium accounts.

But before I give you the pro plan of Grammarly Premium for free, let’s know the difference between Grammarly’s Free.

Grammarly Premium Vs Free

Grammarly is a free writing assistant that helps users with grammar and spelling errors. The premium plan has features such as plagiarism detection and creating custom rules. The free version of Grammarly has all the essential features you need to write, while the premium plan offers more advanced features like plagiarism detection, custom rules, and many more.

Grammarly Premium is Free For Students

Grammarly Premium Free For Students is an excellent option for students who want to use Grammarly on their phones and computers without paying for it.

Grammarly Premium Free For Students is a student-friendly version of Grammarly that provides the same features found in the premium version without requiring payment. It also offers an extra set of tools for students to use, such as plagiarism checking and note-taking.

It is a valuable tool for students who need to write papers or essays for school but don’t have the money to pay for Grammarly.

To Get the benefits of the Grammarly Premium Students plan, you have to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to grammarly.com/enterprise/signup 
  2. Log in to an existing Grammarly account by clicking login in the upper-right corner of the page, or create a new account
  3. Check your inbox for a confirmation email, and follow the link in the email to verify your account.
  4. If required, enter the access code provided by your institution.

Once you’ve confirmed your email, enjoy access to Grammarly Premium in all our product offerings.

What is Grammarly Extension

Grammarly is a browser extension that provides more accurate grammar and spelling suggestions on your word processing software. Grammarly does this by checking your writing against the grammar rules of 250 languages.

Is Grammarly extension free?

Yes, the Grammarly extension is free. They have a free plan where you will get Basic writing suggestions. You can easily download this extension from Grammarly.com or the Chrome web Store.

How does Grammarly Extension Work

Grammarly extensions work in your browser, so you can share the Grammarly goodness with every page you visit. All you need to do is click on the Grammarly button in your browser toolbar, and Grammarly will immediately check the page for grammatical errors.

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Grammarly Review 2023

I have been using Grammarly Premium for over 8-9 months; it worked great.  I can say that there is probably no grammar and spell checker like Grammarly. 

Nothing else compares to Grammarly’s deep grammar and contextual spelling checks.  It’s truly a one-of-a-kind tool that cannot be replaced.

This tool can review your text in English and detect more than 250 errors and mistakes.

Once you’ve installed the extension, log in to your Grammarly account. You can then start writing within any text-based field on your browser. 

You can review it and make adjustments if it alerts you of a mistake.

Who can Use Grammarly

More than 30 million people use Grammarly for better writing.

No matter your field, if you want to impact your audience, you can use this tool. It is for you!

It’s designed specifically for the workplace and companies in very particular industries, such as:

  • Real estate & property management
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Software development
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Government
  • A blogger
  • Content Writer
  • Essay Writer
  • A student
  • A teacher
  • A digital Marketer
  • Book writer
  • Freelancer

Companies can choose between Chrome, Firefox, or Safari versions of Grammarly. The natural beauty is that you can be confident that your company’s brand remains high quality and professional.

What is Grammarly plagiarism?

Plagiarism is taking someone else’s work and passing it off as your own. You have plagiarized after making a piece of writing and not giving credit where credit is due.

You could be taking someone else’s words and passing them off as your own, and many people do that.

Why do you need a plagiarism checker?

Your texts are far too important not to ensure that all of your writing is appropriate and legitimate. Think about how you would feel if caught plagiarizing by one of your professors or Google.

As a writer, your credibility can be shaken. Of course, you can still keep your job, but they can question your integrity and give you a lower grade if your professor finds out.

This is how Google works; if they find plagiarism content on your website, Google will not index your article. So, it is better to check the plagiarism of your content on Grammarly.

What Is Grammarly Plagiarism

Grammarly allows writers to detect plagiarism in their work. It detects 59.8% of plagiarized content in the documents we analyzed from 2011 to 2016.

Does this mean that 55.8% of your writing has been plagiarized?

No. According to Yevgeny Morozov, writing a “purely original thought” can be as simple as leaving out the characters’ names and dropping one or two key phrases.

Grammarly’s ability to catch plagiarism sets it apart from other plagiarism checkers.

Grammarly tracks the author’s motivation and behaviors related to plagiarism, allowing you to improve your writing and find your style.

Grammarly’s plagiarism checker does not detect content containing intentionally copied sentences.

It’s easy to determine the extent of plagiarism if you enter your text into Grammarly. The plagiarism detection results will show you the number of plagiarism instances you have found in your text.

It’s a great way to weed out your plagiarism issues early.

When should you use Grammarly’s plagiarism checker?

After writing any content, you should come to the Grammarly Plagiarism checker, check the plagiarism, and then proceed. Otherwise, it can get you in trouble.

It’s a wise decision to check the plagiarism of your blogs before publishing them.

What is Grammarly Business

What is grammarly businessPin

Grammarly Bussiness helps Businesses to grow by writing engaging content for their brand. It allows businesses to go from inarticulate to eloquent in seconds with one click.

It also saves time and reduces errors in your writing. Grammarly helps people write their brand more confidently and communicate online at work and at home. Grammarly enables businesses to present, read and write more confidently.

The Grammarly Business plan is for agencies and businesses. In the business plan, they provide many extra features.

Features in Grammarly Business Plan

#1. Everything in Premium– You will get all the features of the premium version plus other additional features.

#2. Style guide.

image 1Pin

With the Grammarly business plan, you can create a company-style guide to help your team members stay clear, consistent, and on-brand as they write.

#3. Brand Tones.

image 2Pin

Turn your voice into a tone profile that guides team members on which ones to use and avoid.

#3. Analytics dashboard.

image 3Pin

Identify team writing trends to drive continuous improvement and consistency.

#4. Priority email support– Bypass the support queue for individual subscribers.

#5. Account roles and permissions -Control who can manage specific administration and feature tools by assigning roles and permissions.

#5. SAML SSO – Authenticate logins with your single sign-on provider.

So, there are many features in the Grammarly Business plan, and in the next section, we will discuss whether you should purchase Grammarly premium or not and whether it is worth it.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth it?

Grammarly Premium is a premium version of Grammarly. It includes unlimited edits, grammar and spell checking, and more.

Grammarly has been around for quite a while and is well-known for its grammar-checking software. But to get the app’s premium version, users must pay $144 each year.

It’s hard to say whether or not Grammarly Premium is worth the price because many factors come into play when deciding if an app is worth a subscription. For example, what type of user are you? Do you have a job where accuracy is essential? Is this app going to be used daily?

The premium version of Grammarly may be worth it for some people, but others may find it too expensive, depending on how much they use their desktop’s keyboard.

Grammarly is worth it for people who do a lot of writing and need to edit their words carefully. It’s also worth it for students because the online tool helps prevent plagiarism and ensure that papers are well-written.

Although you are a blogger and a content writer, I strongly recommend Grammarly. I use Grammarly premium while writing this post; it makes my work easy.

I use Grammarly for proofreading my documents; it is one of the most valuable tools for you if you are a writer. So, in this case.

Grammarly Premium is worth it.

I love this tool.

View in Story Format- Grammarly Premium Free

Grammarly vs. ProWritingAid

Several spelling and grammar-checking tools exist, but two of the most popular are Grammarly and ProWritingAid.

These tools have increasingly more in common, but there are still a few differences.

Grammarly is a desktop tool that can be used as an extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office Word, and Outlook.

A premium version also allows users to check their content from mobile devices.

Grammarly corrects over 250 errors and has an online plagiarism checker that compares your content with millions of web pages.

If you have a blog, you must use Grammarly and ProWritingAid.

They are two of the best writing tools that help writers find common blog errors.

The Grammarly extension is my favorite tool because it catches spelling mistakes and helps with grammar and style.

What I don’t like about Grammarly is- its high pricing.

They charge a lot for the premium plans; it’s tough for beginners to purchase their premium membership.

Grammarly vs QuillBot

Grammarly is a popular writing tool that provides grammar-checking and plagiarism-detection services. It also uses AI to learn from your writing style, so it can give suggestions to help you improve your prose without having to do anything manually.

Quillbot is a writing assistant that provides similar services but focuses on the style of the content. It is an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps writers write better by suggesting changes in their work. It learns what works for you and what doesn’t, so it can provide feedback on your work without you having to do anything manually.

Grammarly is a better choice for those who need help with grammar and spelling issues. However, if you are a student and don’t need a professional and find a cheap option, you can go with QuillBot.

Best Free Grammarly Alternatives

Many posts rank on Google, and they tell you that using some codes, you can use Grammarly premium for free.

But these things don’t work! So in trick 1, I have provided some cookies, and it works fine.

But sometimes, they may not work for you because the validity of these cookies depends on the number of signups made.

After seeing the Grammarly premium free cookies fail you, don’t worry! I have the best alternative for you.

It’s similar to Grammarly and has premium features, but it’s free! Also, infect their yearly subscriptions are much cheaper than Grammarly’s.

You can use its alternatives if you don’t have enough money to purchase Grammarly premium plans. They also work fine.

It will give you all the premium fractures available in Grammarly at a reasonable price.

In addition, there are a few premium Grammarly alternatives that you can use.

#1) ProWritingAid

#2) Sapling

#3) WhiteSmoke

#4) Ginger

#5) PaperRater

#6) Reverso

#7) SentenceCheckup

#8) Hemingway App

#9) LanguageTool

Conclusion about Grammarly Premium Free

I hope the methods worked for you and you use a Grammarly Premium account. Whether a student or a blogger, you can use those tricks to access the Premium plan of Grammarly, but I will not recommend using them for a long time.

I recommend the Grammarly Premium Plan to those looking to improve their content writing skills or those who want to start freelancing – once you have earned some money, invest it in this tool, as it will help you produce error-free content.

Don’t look for Grammarly Premium cookies if you can purchase them.

It will save you a lot more time.

The disadvantage of using Grammarly Premium cookies is that they expire very soon, and I need to update them regularly.

Using premium cookies, you wouldn’t be able to use the Grammarly Premium Extension.

So, make sure you purchase the premium plan; it is fantastic.

I am so excited! After reading this post, I hope you have fully solved your doubt about getting the Grammarly premium for free.

Now it’s your turn. If you enjoyed this, then share it together with your friends or those who need this most– so I will keep making them! For more posts you can click on the notification bell – so once I post, you’ll get notified!.

Thanks in Advance!

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