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If you are looking for the best cache manager plugin of WordPress, WP Rocket is for you. I personally use this plugin on my website, and the results are amazing.

But if you are a beginner you may not have the money to purchase this tool. I understand your feelings.

Don’t worry, I am here, because in this blog I will tell you how you can download the WP Rocket plugin for free.

Why read this Blog if there is already hundreds of websites providing you the W3 Total Cache plugin for free? The reasons are:

  • The plugin that I am going to share with you doesn’t contain any viruses. Verified by Virustotal.
  • The plugin comes under a GPL license, so you can use it on multiple websites.
  • I will provide you the latest version of the WP Rocket plugin.
  • I will provide you the original file of the plugin. (Not Cracked or Nulled)
  • You have to comment, and I will update the plugin for you.
  • I am not charging anything from you; it’s free.
  • I download the plugin from an Authentic site, and after checking it, I share it with you.

I am sure that after reading this blog, you will b using the WP Rocket in your website.

So, are you ready?

Why Use WP Rocket

If you want to increase your WordPress website speed, installing a caching plugin is one of the simplest ways to enhance its loading times. But purchasing a good cache plugin for your WordPress can be a costly option.

Trimming even a couple of milliseconds off your loading times could have a positive impact on conversion rates and search engine rankings.

If you tried everything and did not find any way to enhance your website’s loading speed, then I will suggest you to use WP Rocket in your website. Because it works.

Even if you don’t do any settings, it will improve your site’s speed. It is one of the best Cache manager plugin available in this whole industry.

I am providing you the GPL version of WP Rocket plugin, and under GPL license it is legal to use GPL themes and Plugins in your website. GPL is the General Public License. It is a free license that allows users to distribute, modify or resell the product.

So, it is legal and safe to download the WP Rocket plugin for free from our website, I am not providing you any nulled or crack version of Wp Rocket . So, don’t worry.

What is WP Rocket

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WP Rocket is a plugin that permits caching on WordPress websites to improve their loading times, also. As caching, WP Rocket has another feature that will speed up websites, which we’ll explore during this post.

While some great free WordPress caching plugins are out there, WP Rocket is absolutely a paid option, with prices starting at $49. However, by the time you’ve finished reading this review, you’ll know whether or not it’s worth investing in WP Rocket.

What Is Caching in WordPress ?

I’m sure that you have heard that WP Rocket can speed up your WordPress website, but you’re almost sure how this, a part of our review, will quickly get you up to.

If you’re already conversant in the concept of WordPress caching or aren’t curious about how it works, be happy to skip to the subsequent section.

Caching is a process of storing frequently used content for faster access. On computers, information is stored in hard disks. When the information is needed, it must be retrieved from the hard drive and then processed for presentation. Caching reduces lag by storing a copy of the data in memory. This allows it to be accessed quickly and improves response time.

Caching allows your server to skip a lot of steps. Instead of going through the whole page generation process every time, your caching plugin makes a copy of the page after the first load, and then serves that cached version to every subsequent user.

This will make your website much faster.

How Does WP Rocket Work

WP rocket scrawls your whole website and saves it. It will instantly star-warp your pages by up to 3x faster. But seriously, it makes your WordPress page load in seconds instead of you waiting around like a Vulcan at the DMV.

By using enough algorithms, this plugin spits out just the right amount of nectar to make any page load lightning quick and without fail!

How To Clear WP Rocket Cache

It is necessary to clear the cache of your whole website after applying new configuration settings. Otherwise the settings will not get applied in your website.

Here are the steps to clear cache of WP Rocket

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to your WP Rocket dashboard and click on Clear cache.

If you want to know more about clearing cache in WP Rocket you can visit this page.

Can WP Rocket really Speed Up WordPress Website?

Before we know what this plugin can do and how it works, if all you’re eager to know, whether WP Rocket will increase your website Speed or not, supported by my experience, yes, it improves your website performance and speed. 

After installing the wp rocket plugin on three sites, all of them saw speed increases, starting from 436 milliseconds to 1.18 seconds or improving 27 to 69 per cent. 

As I mentioned, there are free caching plugins available. However, once I compared WP Rocket with WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache — two of the best popular free WordPress caching plugins — supported the test data, WP Rocket delivered the most detailed results.

Therefore, if money is not an object, purchasing WP Rocket is perhaps the proper choice for everybody else, though, this review will assist you in deciding if buying this premium caching plugin may be a good investment or if you ought to save your money because I’ll give you the plugin for free.

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To help you to form that call, here are the most superficial features of WP Rocket:

Best Features of WP Rocket that You Must Know

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While choosing a cache plugin for your website, the primary factor will probably be that it reduces your site’s loading times.

However, also because of the potential improvements in site speed, it’s also essential to understand if you’ll be ready to properly configure the plugin to urge the most detailed results from it.

So, thereupon in mind, let’s take a look at WP Rocket user experience before we get to the exploration of its key features.


WP Rocket aims to appeal to power users at an equivalent time by providing them with enough settings to enable caching on their websites just the way they need.

WP Rocket makes it easy by enabling and managing caching for WordPress websites through its user-friendly dashboard. Furthermore, as soon because the plugin is activated, it’ll start caching your site to enhance loading times.

If you’re concerned about whether you’ve got the technical skills to effectively speed up your WordPress website with caching, provided you’ll install and activate a plugin, you’ll be ready to start optimizing your site with WP Rocket.

If and when you’re able to transcend using WP Rocket in its default mode, there are video guides available in this plugin that cover all of the features of this plugin. These guides show you ways to use these features and offer you a far better understanding of WP Rocket and what this plugin can do in your website.

You can access these videos from within your WordPress dashboard and do an excellent job explaining what WP Rocket cancan do by default and how best to configure the plugin for your site.

When it involves taking a more hands-on approach to optimize your site with WP Rocket, the settings and controls of the dashboard are very well organized and amid clear explanations that are displayed within the interface of the plugin.

So, if you want to enable additional features, like mobile caching or HTML and CSS file minification, you’ll quickly determine how to do so.

When exploring the WP Rocket settings and options, you’ll notice that there are links that display relevant support content within the pop-up assistant panel; because of this, checking out if using specific features or settings of WP Rocket is true for your site is simple.


Using a CDN to distribute your website files worldwide is another practical thanks to speeding up your website. Due to this, it’s good to ascertain that WP Rocket is compatible with most CDN providers.

So, whether you’re using the CDN service that’s included as a part of your hosting plan, or you’ve signed up with a CDN independently, you ought to be ready to integrate it with WP Rocket to improve your speed site even more.


As large image files can hamper your website, WP Rocket has some features to assist with this potential problem.

Firstly, the plugin includes an optional LazyLoading feature to delay the loading and display of images and videos until the user has scrolled right down to their position on the page; this is often as against automatically loading all of the media files as soon because the page is displayed within the browser.

With WP Rocket, you’ve got the choice of loading the emojis in your content from the visitor’s computer instead of downloading them from WordPress.org. The WP Rocket team have also created Imagify, a picture optimization plugin with a free plan which will compress your website images to scale back file sizes and improve loading times.

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WP Rocket Review

This review has revealed that WP Rocket isn’t only easy to use; it can also measurably speed up your websites.

While some other WordPress caching plugins are available, including some free options, for those needing a solution that will be wont to speed up an internet site with no technical knowledge and minimal effort required, WP Rocket is undoubtedly worth investing in.

Activate this WP Rocket plugin on your site, and you ought to start seeing improved loading times.

In addition to the plug-and-play factor, WP Rocket also comes with much helpful documentation, including video guides, to help you in improving the loading times of your website further.

Using the plugin’s extra caching and optimization features, you’ll get even better results from WP Rocket.

Regardless of what sort of WordPress website you’re managing, there’s a fair chance WP Rocket will help it to load faster.

WP Rocket Plugin Free Download 2022

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Steps to Download WP Rocket For Free

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  • Step 2- Download the plugin
  • Step 3- Go to Plugins-> Add New-> Upload New Plugin
  • Step 4- Upload your downloaded plugin.
  • Step 5- Activate it and Enjoy!
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WP Rocket (Lifetime Activated)
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Conclusion “Must Read”

I hope you have downloaded the WP Rocket plugin and installed it on your WordPress website. I hope you have also got some improvement in the speed of your website.

There are many sites that provides you the Nulled or cracked version of WP Rocket Cache Plugin.

Please don’t download them or use them on your website otherwise your website may be hacked.

I want to share a story with you.

There was a time when I used to find free methods to use premium themes and plugins on my website. Just like you.

Because I was a beginner and didn’t have enough money to invest in premium themes or plugins.

Once I installed premium themes and plugins on my website from a site that claims they ‘provide GPL themes and plugins’. 

My site was doing well for one or two months, but one or two month later, when I reached 150+ visitors per day. It got hacked . 

My site was redirected to another site; that was a horrible experience for me. 

I did lots of work to reach 150+ visitors per day, but in a split second, all my hard work was benefiting another website. 

But I don’t want this to happen to you. That is why I suggest you not download any theme or plugin from any unauthentic site.

But if you still want to use premium themes and plugins on your site. I would recommend you to use Srmehranclub

With a single $15 plan, you could access more than 20,000 premium themes and plugins.

They are the No.1 GPL themes and Plugins provider, with 98% customer satisfaction. Click on the banner below to find more.

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NOTE- Now you may wondering how to get regular updates. Don’t worry my friend, whenever the new update will come you just have to come back to this site and post a comment that ” Please Update the Theme” I’ll update it for you. If you want any other theme or plugin, feel free to comment. I hope you get success in your blogging journey.

Now it’s your turn. If you enjoyed this, then share it together with your friends or those who need this most– so I will keep making them! For more posts you can click on the notification bell – so once I post, you’ll get notified!.

Thanks in Advance

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