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7 Days Free Trial


1. Grammarly offers a free trial for its Premium version.  2. Try Grammarly to sign up and cancel your subscription within seven days.  3. You will get your money back, but you get a week to try the tool.



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You can actually this $120 Grammarly Premium membership for free by using some premium cookies.

Cookies are known as the small data blocks that are created by a web server when you are browsing a website.

What Are Cookies?


Grammarly Premium for Students

Grammarly has a special offer for Students, if you are from any reputed School or univercity, you can get 1 Year of Grammarly Premium Subscription for free.


Ask Them For a Free Premium Account.

Yes, If you have an Established YouTube Channel (1k Subscribers) or a blog with decent amount of traffic, you can ask them for a free premium account to write a review about it. And they will definitely give it to you. 

If You don't know how to ask for an account, don't worry just swap right. 


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1. Premium Cookies.

2. 7 Days free Trial.

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4. Grammarly EDU 

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