Official Rummy Modern Apk Download [₹41 Bonus]

If you want to get your hands on the Rummy Modern app and earn that ₹41 sign-up bonus, then this blog is for you. I’ll provide the download link for the app and walk you through downloading it onto your smartphone. I will give you a lot of other information about this app. So stick around and don’t miss a beat!

App NameRummy Modern
Compatible With Android 5.0 or up
Price Free
Size39.33 MB
Sign Up Bonus₹40

If the download link is not working, please let us know in the comment section, and we will update it.

What is Rummy Modern Apk

Rummy Modern App is a game that lets you play some of the most popular card games, like Rummy Ares and Teen Patti. You can also earn money by playing and recommending games to others. Plus, you can use many great bonuses and rewards to play the game and win even more cash. You can easily download the app by clicking the button above.

The app was launched two years ago, in 2020, and the best part is that it’s still in working mode. Anybody can use the app and earn cash by playing gambling and card games. I’m sure you’re here to download this app because you also love rummy real cash games.

Rummy Modern Features

  • Get 50% You Loose– Rummy Modern pays 50% back if you lose. The betting range should be between ₹200-2000.
  • Sign-up Bonus– You will get ₹41 sign-up bonus after you verify your number in the Rummy Modern app.
  • VIP Exclusive– VIP members’ benefits is now available. Rummy Modern has launched a weekly first-deposit bonus deposit on Monday. Every Monday, players who deposit more than ₹1000 are eligible for a cash bonus of up to ₹30,000.
  • Variety Of Games– The app comes with a variety of games. You can play Dragon vs. Tiger, Car Roulette, FIFA 2022, Mines, and many skill games. But it does not have any Bingo games; many rummy apps have it. However, you can also play these games with anyone you want.
  • Minimum Withdrawl- The minimum withdrawal in the Rummy Modern app is only ₹100.
  • ₹100 Deposit Bonus- If you deposit ₹100 in Rummy Modern, you will get ₹100 cash back.

How To Make Money From Rummy Modern App

In Rummy Modern, there are many ways to make money. You can make money by

  1. Playing games.
  2. Referring to the app with your friends.
  3. Daily check-in.
  4. Sign up bous.

Rummy Modern Referral Program

Rummy Modern has three referral programs: Refer and earn, share and earn and Invitation reward. Both programs are different and pay the variable amount I will discuss with you.

Refer and Win

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Rummy Modern has a referral program where you can earn real cash by referring the application to your friends. For the first referral, you will get 30 coins; for the second referral, you will get 90 coins; and for the third referral, you will get 100 coins. You can use these coins to play games on the application and earn real cash.

Rummy Modern Refer and Earn

Refer your friends to Modern Rummy and earn 30% of the total amount they play! You’ll earn a commission from your referrals every time they play a game from the selection available in the app. Whether they win or lose, you’ll still get your share of the commission. Withdraw your referral earnings directly into your bank account- it’s that easy! You’ll continue receiving 30% lifetime income from each referral.

Invitation Program

In this invitation program, you will get a 60% commission on your earnings when you share the app with your friends or family. New users who top-up more than 50 will get an instant reward.


Although you will receive a sign-up bonus when downloading the Rummy Modern App, you will need to add extra cash if you want to play more games. They offer a promotion where if you add ₹100, you will receive ₹100 back.

Now let us know the steps to add money in the Rummy Modern app:

  1. Click on the “Pay Shop” option. From there, you will be able to select from a variety of options ranging from ₹11 to Rs 199999.
  2. Once you have selected the amount you wish to add, click on the “Next” button to continue.
  3. To complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process, you must provide personal information such as your name, mobile number, and email address.
  4. After that, you must enter your UPI ID and complete the payment process.
  5. Once you have completed the payment process, the cash will immediately be added to your Rummy Modern account.

How To Withdraw Money in Rummy Modern

Now I will guide you with step by step guide on how you can withdraw money on Rummy Modern. Follow the steps below, and you can effortlessly withdraw your earnings.

Step 1. Open Rummy Modern Application and click on withdraw option.

Rummy Modern Payment Proof 2022 Rummy satta withdrawal Rummy glee payment proof 2022 new app 0 20 screenshot 1Pin

Step 2. Enter the amount that you want to redeem. Then Click on Withdraw.

Rummy Modern Payment Proof 2022 Rummy satta withdrawal Rummy glee payment proof 2022 new app 0 25 screenshotPin

Step 3. Now enter your UPI ID: name and Phone Number.

Rummy Modern Payment Proof 2022 Rummy satta withdrawal Rummy glee payment proof 2022 new app 0 33 screenshotPin

Step 4. Hurray! Your amount will go on review, and after they approve it, you will get it.

Rummy Modern Payment Proof 2022 Rummy satta withdrawal Rummy glee payment proof 2022 new app 0 57 screenshotPin

If you face any issues while withdrawing the amount, you can ask customer care for help. Or you can fill this form and raise a payment request.

Rummy Modern Mod Apk

If you are searching for Rummy Modern Mod apk, you are not alone. Nowadays, one is searching for Mod apps. But most of the time, the Mod apps are unsafe.

They contain viruses and malware. Any authorized developer does not make them. So, they ask for files and contact access while you download an application. So, suppose you download Rummy Modern Mod apk, which may contain a virus and steal your personal information.

Which is not at all good for your security. Your phone may be fully hacked. So, please don’t download any Rummy Modern mod apk, no matter who tells you to download the application.

Games in Rummy Modern App

There are 16 different types of card and casino games available in the Rummy Modern App, which are listed below.

  • Rummy
  • Teen Patti
  • Dragon vs Tiger
  • Andar Bahar Go
  • Andar Bahar
  • 3 Card Poker
  • Poker 
  • Fruit Line
  • Fishing Rush
  • Variation
  • 10 Cards 
  • Car Roulette
  • Zoo Roulette
  • Bacarrat
  • 7 Up Down
  • Teen Patti 20-20

Rummy Modern Weekly Benefits

Rummy Modern has a weekly benefit plan, where you can share this application with your friends to become VIP, and both will earn additional rewards.

They have an offer where every Monday, players who deposit more than 1000rs will get a chance to get a cash bonus of up to 30,000.

Conclusion: Is Rummy Modern App Safe?

Rummy Modern is a game that includes financial risks, so if you are under 18 years of age, I suggest you do not play this game. I also recommend that you do not get addicted to this game as it may be harmful to you. The Rummy Modern app is safe to download but make sure you download it from a trusted source. If you download the Rummy Modern apk from an untrustworthy source, your device may get hacked.

Rummy Modern is a Gambling application, and I generally don’t recommend spending time on gambling as it’s not a productive use of time. Instead, I would suggest learning a new skill or pursuing a hobby that can generate more income. However, if you want to use the app for entertainment, that is your decision.

I have provided you with the official link to this application, so make sure you download it from there. And at the end, if you face any issues while using this application, please let us know in the comment section. I will try my best to help you with that.


Q1. What are the payment methods in Rummy Modern?

In Rummy Modern, you can withdraw your amount via UPI or Bank.

Q2. What is the Minimum payout in Rummy Modern?

The minimum payout in Rummy Modern is only 100rs.

Q3. What is Weekly Bonus in Rummy Modern?

You can earn a weekly bonus at Rummy Modern based on your referral income. The more people you invite and the more you earn from referrals, the more you can win weekly bonuses. The minimum you can win is Rs. 500, and the maximum is Rs. 2 lakhs. So if you want to earn more, invite friends and family to join in on the fun!

Q4. How to contact with Rummy Modern Team?

If you have any payment-related queries, fill out this form, and they will take action on your ticket. Here you will have to enter some details and submit it.

Q5. How to contact Rummy Modern Customer care?

If you experience any issues while using the application, you can find a support icon in the top right corner of the app. This will take you to their Telegram channel, where you can ask questions related to your query.

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