[100% Working] FREE Vimeo Pro Account Cookies 2023

Vimeo’s starter plan is priced at $12/month. However, they offer a free trial to those who want to explore the premium features before making a purchase. This allows users to get a feel for the benefits of the premium version before committing to it.

So, if you are a beginner and don’t have enough money to purchase your membership, don’t worry. Or you just want to try it before purchasing, I have the solution for you.

Because of this blog, I will give you access to my Vimeo Premium account, and after reading this blog, you will be able to access your Vimeo Pro account for free.

I will share the cookies from my premium account with you and will guide you with the steps on how you can use them to access the premium account.

But why read this blog if there are already hundreds of blogs on Vimeo for free? Because

  • The methods I will suggest to you are tried and tested, either by me or someone else.
  • I will give you access to my Vimeo account by using cookies.
  • I will update the cookies whenever they need to be updated. You just have to let me know.
  • I will guide you through each and every step, so you will not be confused.
  • You can ask for help by live chat or comment if you still face any issues.

So, I think these reasons are enough for you to read this blog.

So, if you also want to use and try Vimeo pro for free, then read the full article. Are you ready?

Vimeo Pro For Free

If you are a content creator, then Vimeo is something that you should have.

It is a great tool for people who want to have a lot of control over their videos. You can customize where the videos can be embedded and restrict embedding to your own website.

Vimeo also allows you to change the web player to match your own branding. Not just this, but many other features you will like as a content creator.

So, I want you to try it, before actually purchasing its premium plan.

Follow any methods below, and you can use its premium account for free, that is for sure.

1. Use Vimeo Pro Account Cookies

For those who don’t know about cookies, let me tell you that cookies are small files sent to your browser by the websites you visit. They store information about your visit, which can make it easier to visit the site again and make it more useful to you.

But How the cookies will help you to access the premium account?

Because if I share cookies of my account of Vimeo, it would have all the details of my account, and when you use them, you can access the account for free.

Don’t worry I will guide yo with all the steps on how you can use them. So, follow the Steps carefully.

Step 1. Install this “Cookie Editor Extension.


Step 2. Click on the “Extensions tab” and Pin the “Cookie Editor Extension”.

teamtreehouse premium cookiesPin

Step 3. Now fill in the form below, and you will land on a page where you will get the password to access the SkillShare Premium Cookies page.

Now to access the premium cookies page, click on the button below and enter the password.

Step 4. Now go to the official Vimeo Website.

Step 5. Now go back to the SkillShare website and click on the Cookie Editor Extension. Delete the cookies and insert the cookies that you have copied from the above step.

Step 6. Now just refresh the page and hurray! You can now access the Vimeo Pro account for free.

NOTE: Please don’t log out from the account, and don’t make any changes. If the cookies don’t work, they may expire; let me know by sending me an email. I will update them for you.

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2. Use Vimeo Pro Free Trial

vimeo free trialPin

Thanks to Vimeo! It gives a free trial. With the Vimeo Free Trial, you’ll have access to the Plus and Pro plans for 30 days.

Will they charge you for the free trial? No, not at all. From your account settings, you can cancel your trial at any time (or update your payment method). You will only be charged if you don’t cancel your trial before it ends.

So, make sure you cancel the plan within 30 days, and you will be on the safe side.

What you will get with Vimeo Free Trial?

With Vimeo free trial you will get a pro account for 30 days. With the Starter plan, you can upload and create 60 videos per seat per year.

At the beginning of your trial, you can include up to 5 Admin or Contributor seats and 5 Viewer seats.

Once the trial starts, you’ll have access to all features in the Starter plan like unlimited screen recording, video creation tools, password protection, version history and more!

After the trial is over, you can add more Admin and Contributor seats (at the same price) and Viewer seats (for no extra charge).

3. Don’t Use Vimeo Free Account Email & Password

There are many websites that claim they can provide you with the email and password for a Vimeo premium account. Don’t waste your time on such things. Just imagine, if someone pays $12/month for a pro account on Vimeo, why would they give you their email and password for the premium account?

I tried these websites myself and wasted my time, so I don’t want you to go through the same process. Instead, I’ve provided you with Vimeo premium cookies, along with all the steps to use them.

If the cookies expire due to high usage, let me know, and I will update them for you.

Bottom Line

So, I hope you have tried the cookie or free trial method and used the premium account in Vimeo. If you are a content creator, Vimeo will help you with its premium features.

But I will not recommend you to use the free method for the rest of your life; after using the Vimeo Pro, if you think that it deserves your hard-earned money, then invest it.

What is Vimeo

Vimeo is a popular video hosting and sharing platform, similar in many ways to YouTube. Vimeo Create is a video editing program available to users of the Vimeo platform, designed for those with little experience in video editing. However, there are still many features of Vimeo Create that will appeal to users – on the surface. One of Vimeo Create’s most appealing features is that it is entirely web-based; this means that there is no need to download any files or applications, and no need for large files taking up space on your hard drive.

Is Vimeo Worth it?

I have a pro plan for Vimeo, and I would say, “it depends.”

Vimeo Create is a good video editing platform for those just starting out. It’s relatively affordable, with a free and four paid plans ranging from $7 to $75 per month.

Vimeo Create also has email support and a helpful help centre. And although it’s not the most powerful video editing program I have used, Vimeo Create has its strong points.

It’s very easy to use, allows you to create simple videos without being bogged down by unnecessary features, and is heavily targeted at beginners.

I have previously gone over how to use the premium membership and cookies, correct? So, try the methods, use the pro account and decide whether it is really worth it for you or not.