[100% Working] 5 Ways To Get Free Amazon Prime Video Subscription in 2022 For PC & Phone

If you’re a fan of movies and web series, you’ll want to sign up for Amazon Prime Video. You’ll get access to all newly released movies, web series, and many other benefits.

You must purchase a membership to watch movies and web series on Amazon Prime. However, if you are reading this blog, it means you want the free membership of Amazon Prime.

So, if you want to try Amazon Prime Video for free before purchasing it, this blog is for you. Because in this blog, I will guide you on how you can access the Amazon Prime Membership for free.

If you want to watch your favourite movies without interruptions, follow this blog post’s steps.

There are a few ways to get Amazon Prime Video without paying for a subscription. I have tried all these methods and can confirm that they work. I go over three ways to get my blog’s free Amazon Prime Video.

But Why read this blog if there are already many posts on how to get Amazon Prime Video for free? Because:

  • After reading different blogs, watching different videos and trying them out, I am writing this blog.
  • In this blog, I guide you with different methods to use the Prime video for free.
  • I will guide you on how to use it on your smartphone and pc.
  • I will explain the trial version.
  • I will give you premium cookies of Amazon Prime video, so you can use them.
  • If the cookies expire, you just have to inform me, and I will update them.

These reasons are more than enough to confirm that the post is legitimate. If you have any questions, our live chat is available to help you.

1. Try Amazon Prime Video 30 Days Free Trial

You need a prime membership if you want to watch movies and newly released web series in Prime video.

But don’t worry; Amazon’s Prime plan offers a free 30-day trial. You can access all features of the Prime subscription for 30 days without paying anything.

After the trial, if you find it helpful, you can purchase the membership for only 179rs/month. This is much cheaper than other plans on the market.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Free Subscription

  • Choose from Free 2-Hour, Same-Day, or other unlimited FREE, fast delivery options to get your product to market quickly and efficiently.
  • Looking for a way to watch the latest movies and TV shows without going to the cinema or missing your favourite show? With instant video streaming, you can do just that! Watch on multiple devices, including your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or smart TV. Whether at home or on the go, you can enjoy your favourite content without hassle.
  • You can stream millions of songs ad-free with unlimited offline downloads.
  • With the Amazon Prime membership, you will get fast and free delivery on ordered items.

Steps to Enroll in 30 Days Amazon Prime Free Trial

#1. Open the Amazon app or website and click on Prime.

amazon prime video free trialPin

#2. Now your plan and go with the 30 days free trial option.

How To Get Amazon Prime Membership For Free🔥 5 Amazon Prime Free Trick Amazon Prime Sale 2022 1 59 screenshotPin

#3. Now fill in your payment details, and you would be able to access all the prime features, including the Amazon Prime video.

NOTE: Make sure you cancel your subscription to Amazon Prime within the 30-day trial period. Otherwise, Amazon will automatically deduct the membership fee from your bank account. However, if you find that you use and enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime after the 30-day trial period, you can opt to continue your membership.

Don’t worry, I will also guide you with the steps to cancel your free trial.

Two Ways to Cancel Amazon Prime Subscription

Method 1.

  1. Log in to Your Amazon Account.
  2. Then go to Accounts and Lists (the upper right corner of the screen)
  3. From the dropdown list, click on Membership & Subscription.
  4. Now click Prime membership settings.
  5. Now select Manage Membership.
  6. Then click on End Membership.

Method 2.

  1. Log in your Amazon Account.
  2. Select Account and lists.
  3. Choose Prime membership.
  4. Then click on END Membership.
  5. On the next page select Cancel my Benefits.
  6. On the next page, Amazon will ask you to reconsider.
  7. So, select Continue to cancel to End your Membership.

2. Use Amazon Prim Video Premium Cookies

You can use the Amazon Prime video subscription for free just by copy-pasting some premium cookies. But if you don’t know what cookies are, then let me tell you that Cookies are small pieces of text sent to your browser by websites you visit.

They help those websites remember information about your visits, making it easier to visit the site again and making the site more useful.

So, I will share the cookies of the Premium account of Amazon Prime Video, so you can access the account.

Whether you want to use it on your computer or smartphone, I will guide you through both methods to get a free Prime Video membership.

Account NameAmazon Prime Video
TypePremium Account
Cookies StatusWorking 🟢
Last UpdateToday

How To Use Cookies For Desktop Users

If you want to use Amazon Prime Video on your computer or desktop, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Click on the button below and create an account first.

Step 2. Install this Cookie Editor Extension.


Step 3. Click on the “Extensions tab” and Pin the “Cookie Editor Extension”.

teamtreehouse premium cookiesPin

Step 4. Click the button below to access the Amazon Prime Video premium account cookies.

Step 5. Now go back to the PrimeVideo website and click on the Cookie Editor Extension. Delete the Cookies and insert the cookies you have copied from step 2.

Here is a short video to guide you through the steps.

Step 6. Now just refresh the page, and hurray! You can now access the PrimeVideo subscription for free and watch all the premium web series and movies.

NOTE: Please don’t log out from the premium account and don’t make any changes. If the cookies are not working, they may get expire; let me know in the comment section or in the live chat, I will update them for you.

For Mobile Users

It can be tricky to use cookies on a smartphone but don’t worry. I have found a way if you follow it, you can use Prime video premium account cookies on your smartphone too.

Follow the Steps Below.

image 3Pin

Step 1. Install Kiwi Browser in your smartphone.

Step 2. Open Chrome Web Store and Download the Cookie Editor Extension.

cookie editor to use prime video freePin

Step 3. Click on the button below, fill in the captcha and get the premium cookies.

Step 4. Click on the button below to create an account.

Step 5. Now Click On the three dots in the top right corner. At the bottom, you will find the Cookie Editor Extension; click on it.

Step 6. Delete the Cookies, Click on Import and paste the copied cookies.

Step 7. Now just refresh the page, and hurray! you can access the Amazon Prime Video Premium subscription for free.

3. Free Amazon Prime Video Subscription with Recharge Plans

Airtel, Jio, BSNL and Vi are all telecom companies that have recently started to focus on giving streaming benefits to users who subscribe to their plans. This can be handy for users who don’t want to buy a separate streaming service, and these plans also give data, calling and SMS benefits depending on the price of the plan.

Airtel Plans With Free PrimeVideo Subscription

Rs 359 PlanRs 699 PlanRs 999 Plan
Validity 28 DaysValidity 56 DaysValidity 84 Days
2GB Data/day3GB Data/day2.5GB Data/day
100 SMS per day100 SMS per day100 SMS per day
Includes Amazon Prime membershipIncludes Amazon Prime membershipIncludes Amazon Prime membership
Unlimited voice calls Unlimited voice calls Unlimited voice calls

Vi Plans With Free PrimeVideo Subscription

₹499/ month₹699/ month₹1099/ month
Validity 28 DaysValidity 28 DaysValidity 28 Days
75 GBUnlimited dataUnlimited data
100 SMS/month100 SMS/month100 SMS/month
Includes Amazon Prime membershipIncludes Amazon Prime membershipIncludes Amazon Prime membership
Unlimited voice calls Unlimited voice calls Unlimited voice calls

Jio Plans With Free PrimeVideo Subscription

PostPaid Plus ₹399 PlanPostPaid Plus ₹599 PlanPostPaid Plus ₹799 Plan
Validity 28 DaysValidity 28 DaysValidity 28 Days
75 GB data100 GB dataUnlimited data
100 SMS/day100 SMS/day100 SMS/day
Includes Amazon Prime membership for 1 YearIncludes Amazon Prime membership for 1 YearIncludes Amazon Prime membership for 1 Year
Unlimited voice calls Unlimited voice calls Unlimited voice calls

4. Use FreeCharge Pay Later

If you go with the freecharge pay later option, you’ll get three months of free Amazon Prime membership. That includes access to prime video, which usually has a monthly fee.

To activate this offer, follow the steps below.

  1. Download the FreeCharge app.
  2. Create a new account.
  3. On the home section of the Freecharge app you will find a “Get 3 months Amazon Prime” option.
  4. Click on the banner and Enter your details.
  5. After you set up the FreeCharge later, you have to do a small transaction of at least 10rs.
  6. Hurray! Your Amazon Prime subscription will get activated for three months.

5. Use Paytm First Point

Paytm Cashback Points are an excellent way for Paytm users to save money. You can earn points by recharging your phone, paying bills, or adding money to your Paytm wallet.

You can redeem your points by getting branded e-vouchers or converting them to a Paytm balance. These points were earlier known as Paytm First Points.

You know what? You can also use the points to get a Free Amazon Prime membership. Just Follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Paytm mobile application.
  2. Go to Cashback and Offers.
  3. Click on CashBack points.
  4. Click on Subscription.
  5. If you have 17,000 points, you can trade them for a free Amazon Prime month.

Bottom Line

I hope you follow the methods and use your Amazon Prime Video subscription for free. After using it if you find it entertaining and useful, I will recommend you to purchase their plan.

Don’t look for the free methods because they all are temporary; Amazon prime costs cheap, and the facilities they provide is insane.

You will not only get fast delivery, but you will also get Prime Music, Prime Video, Early Access to Offers and more.


Q1. Are Amazon Prime Videos Free?

You have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to watch Amazon Prime videos. This allows you to access web series or movies.

Q2. What is Amazon Prime Video Free Trial?

Amazon offers a free 30-day trial of Prime for new members. Amazon Prime Free Trial members can enjoy the same delivery, shopping, Prime Video, and Prime Gaming benefits as paid members during their trial period.

Q3. Are amazon prime movies free with membership?

Yes, amazon prime movies are free with a membership. Once you purchase their prime membership plan, you can watch the movies.

Q4. How long does Amazon prime video free trial last?

Amazon Prime Video free trial lasts for 30 days.

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