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Grow Your baby, not your weight! This is a guide for women who want to take their motherhood seriously for themselves, their children, and their family.

Are you pregnant? Then, you must read and download the GROW YOUR BABY, NOT YOUR WEIGHT PDF for free.

If you are pregnant, That’s lovely! We want to congratulate you on your recent bundle of joy and the new chapter you will be starting in your life.

We understand that pregnancy was once accompanied by feelings of guilt, shame, and fear.

Primarily as an Indian woman where being a mother meant enduring a diminished sense of self as you put your body through dramatic physical changes.

Not anymore.

Now expectant mothers embrace the transformation of their bodies and the miracle that is bringing their child into this world through uncompromising acceptance of physical and mental changes throughout their lives – all while feeling empowered and beautiful from within!

Durga Shakti will take you through a significant glow-up in those crucial nine months of your life, transforming you into the most potent, most accomplished version of yourself.

She has it covered, from pregnancy-friendly fitness and skincare to healthy eating habits and meditation.

She also addresses several life issues that invariably accompany motherhood but are seldom addressed, such as fear of failure after childbirth or how we can balance being present for our children while keeping up with our careers — not just how to juggle them both!

The author touches upon various aspects of motherhood and family life relevant to women in the 21st century without being overtly broad or superficial. 

In this book, you will learn that there are different factors involved when it comes to pregnancy like-

  • Common mistakes made by couples who haven’t been through this process yet, 
  • New insights on old practices like wet nursing and even mental health conditions may include your significant other before and after the child is born. 

Their reviewer says she particularly enjoyed the author’s subtle way of teaching audiences outside of India (to which most other books related to the topic don’t pay much attention) where the rituals included in some traditional childbirth practices originally came from.

So, in the Previous I guided you how you can download The Complete Novels of Sherlock Holmes pdf for free. and in this post I will guide you on how you can download GROW YOUR BABY, NOT YOUR WEIGHT PDF free Download.

But before that, let’s read the review.

Grow Your Baby, NOT Your Weight Review

Grow Your Baby, NOT Your Weight pdf is a very informative book for expectant mothers, especially in the Indian setup where expecting mothers are handed out a lot of advice, and some of it is conflicting.

A well-documented book on how one can enjoy pregnancy without putting on unhealthy weight.

Durga shares the first-hand experience without getting preachy.
While every pregnancy experience is unique, one common thing is that it is not sickness as it is believed in India.

I would highly recommend it to new mothers who plan to have a healthy pregnancy while having fun through it all.

The yoga poses and recipes shared came in very handy!

Don’t just read the review, I will tell you on How you can download GROW YOUR BABY, NOT YOUR WEIGHT PDF for free.

You may find many books written on pregnancy, but this book will change your perception of embracing motherhood and prioritizing your career at the same time.

This book offers valuable advice and busting myths related to this beautiful and most rewarding journey of mothers-to-be.

Only women have this opportunity to bring a new life to this world.

So, it is essential to make the journey less tiring and more pleasant.

It’s a power-packed book for all the mothers and expecting mothers.

During your Pregnancy I would recommend you to read Mahabharata, Ramanaya, Vedas and Puranas.


It is a must-read for all those women who are either undergoing the stages of pregnancy or are on the way to conceiving.

We may fall into traps on this where something very weird regarding pregnancy is being narrated, for which several women are disadvantaged for so many years as motherhood has always given top priority over a woman’s self-development or her independence.

But, the author of this book mentions a perfect balance and also has made this book a perfect guide for all to understand the entire process smoothly without giving birth to several overrated myths.

Also, we will be able to learn from the author about fitness, a healthy lifestyle, healthy foodstuff, and many more, which are similar to those brownie points.

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Grow Your baby, not your weight! This is a guide for women who want to take their motherhood seriously for themselves, their children, and their family.

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