[Latest Version] ThopTv Apk Download 2022 (Watch Live IPL)| ThopTV Live Cricket Free Download

Want to watch your favourite drama series on the go?

Then check out ThopTv, the best app for watching tv shows and films online and wherever you are!

Do you want to download ThopTV?

But before downloading ThopTV, you must know something about this app.

Whether this app is safe for your device or not?

How to download ThopTV apk latest version?
I will solve all your questions about ThopTv, and I will guide you with step by step guide on how you can download ThopTV latest version apk on your Mobile Phone.

Before purchasing anything, you read the ingredients and instructions to use the product.

So, first of all, I will tell you everything about ThopTV, and at the end, I will guide you on how you can download the Thoptv apk on your android phone.

ThopTV- An Introduction

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ThopTV is a popular streaming app that plays live TV on any device.

With such a large user base of Android users, there will be other variations of the app you can enjoy on the internet.

In this post, I will also tell you about the ThopTV pro apk. What is the difference between them?

So, stay stuck with me.

If you want to watch 1000s of TV channels, movies, series, and more without paying anything!

TheThopTV is totally free and offers a subscription-free service.

Therefore, you might be thinking- It’s one of the best choices available for users looking for an excellent streaming experience on their devices!

But before using this app, you must know everything about this free streaming platform.

I will tell you everything about this apk, and with that, I will also tell you how you can download ThopTV on your mobile phone.

ThopTv Vs ThopTv Pro: What is the Difference

ThopTV is a free streaming media service on your Android phone or device. There is no difference between ThopTV and ThopTV pro.

Some YouTubers and bloggers use the title ThopTV Pro to make it more clickable.

ThopTV and ThopTv pro allow you to view 1000s of TV channels, movies, and videos on-demand in over 100 different languages!

With ThopTv or Thoptv Pro, You can search for your favourite shows, listen to local radio stations in your area, and more.

Downloading the ThopTV apk is the same as downloading the ThopTV apk. There is no difference between them.

ThopTV Features

  • If you watch an English movie, there are subtitles available, and you can watch them. In every movie, ThopTV Provides subtitles.
  • Thoptv is easy to download on PC and Mobile devices.
  • You can easily download any movie from the ThopTV application.
  • There is no subscription to the ThopTV apk.
  • You don’t even need to create an account to watch movies.
  • You can stream your favourite shows in full HD.
  • The application is user friendly, and you can easily find your favourite movies.
  • There are several categories available on the ThopTV application.
  • ThopTV also provides you with Radio channels.
  • The size of this app is only 46 MB, so it is a really lightweight application.
  • Much more.

Why You Should Not Use ThopTV

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Every coin has two sides. There are many unique features of ThopTV.

ThopTV allows you to watch your favourite shows for free.

But there is a cost to everything; you have to pay something to get something.

Have you ever wondered why ThopTV can provide you with all the paid content for free?

ThopTv does the piracy of Movies; they download the movies illegally and then upload them to their server.

ThopTV is causing a massive loss to Companies like- Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon prime etc.

This is the reason why Thoptv stops working for some time.

If you are really concerned about security, you must not download the ThopTV app, as it can hack your device.

Even if you want to watch any show, there are many annoying ads; you will get redirected to a new website.

Is ThopTV Legal? Is it Safe?

Before downloading ThopTV on your android or apple device, you must know whether ThopTV is safe or not.

Otherwise, this application can harm your device.

Before downloading ThopTv on your device, you must read the terms and conditions of the ThopTV apk.

Now, Is ThopTV legal?

No, ThopTV is not legal; they provide you with the copyright content of other OTT platforms.

Any of the Content on ThopTV’s app is not owned by them; they are 100% copyrighted material.

The Mumbai police also arrested the owner of ThopTv because they were publishing copyright and illegal materials on their app.

So, ThopTV is not Legal.

Is ThopTV Safe?

ThopTV is not legal. Therefore it is not safe. When you install this application, you need to allow the permissions. Otherwise, you can not use their application.

Allowing access to ThopTV means they can read all your sensitive data, images, videos and many things.

You don’t even know how they are going to use your data. So, it is not safe.

Still, if you want to use ThopTV on your mobile phone, I suggest you use it on a spare device.

Don’t use ThopTV on your phone with any sensitive data you don’t want to be leaked.

15 Best ThopTV Alternatives

There are many alternatives of ThopTV available on the Market. Some of the legal alternatives of ThopTV are Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix, Jio Tv etc.

I am share some more alternatives of ThopTV.

  1. Hunk TV
  2. RedBox TV
  3. Gomax Live TV
  4. Live Net TV
  5. HD Streamz
  6. JioTV
  7. Movie Fire
  8. Hotstar
  9. Disney Plus
  10. CkayTV
  11. TeaTV
  12. AOS TV
  13. Hulu
  14. Kyte TV
  15. Chatur TV
  16. 7StarHD
  17. SkyMovies

ThopTV Live Cricket

As you know, India has a huge fan following of IPL; everybody wants to watch IPL online.

Therefore they are searching for ThopTV Live Cricket.

Let me tell you; there is no apk like ThopTV Live Cricket.

Many websites provide you with the downloading link of the ThopTV Live Cricket app, but there is no app like this.

You can watch live IPl and matches on the ThopTV app.

You don’t need any ThopTV Live Cricket app.

So, don’t waste your time searching for ThopTV Live Cricket.

Thoptv Apk Download 2022

Now, you know everything about ThopTV, ThopTV Pro, it’s features, it’s pros and cons. Now I will guide you with all the steps to download ThopTV Apk in your android device.

So, make sure you follow all the steps to download ThopTV app in your Android device, otherwise, you will not be able to download thopTV in your Mobile Phone.

Thoptv Apk Download 2022 [Step By Step Guide]

#Step 1. First you have to Download the ThopTV APk, in order to use the ThopTV application in your mobile phone.

#Step 2. After You Download the application open it.

#Step 3. In some cases, it may ask for an update.

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#Step 4. So, click on Install now and download the latest version.

#Step 5. An error would come, make sure you click on OK.

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#Step 6. In order to use use ThopTV Application in your computer, you need to connect VPN in your device, otherwise it will not work. So, click on OK.

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#Step 7. Now, You can use the ThopTV application in your PC.

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Why ThopTV is Not Working

If the ThopTV is not working, this can be due to many copyright strikes in the application.

ThopTV is not legal, and they constantly get copyright strikes from the big OTT platforms.

The Indian government has banned this application many times because they do piracy of movies, tv shows, web series and all tv content.

ThopTV is also not safe to use.

So, if you are reading this post now, I suggest you buy a subscription to Hotstar, Amazon Prime or Netflix. Don’t search for the free method because nothing is free in this world.

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