[100% Working] How To Download ThopTV For PC [Full Guide]

Do you want to watch your favorite movies, live shows, serials, cartoons, tv shows for free? Do you want to enjoy the premium shows of Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Netflix on your PC?

Do you want to watch your favorite movies, live shows, TV programs, and more on your Computer? Then it would be best if you had ThopTV on your PC.

Are you wondering how you can install ThopTV on your PC for free? Do you want to download ThopTV apk 2022?

I’ve got everything covered in this post. Just follow the steps to download ThopTV in your PC to enjoy seamlessentertainment on your PC for free.

Read this post, and you will get ThopTV for Free on your PC. I will also answer some of your doubts about ThopTV, and I will tell you that is it safe to download ThopTV on your Computer? So, are you ready?

What is ThopTV

What is ThopTVPin

ThopTv is one of the best free live TV streaming apps developed by Thopster. This app brings fta and encrypted TV channels live on your Android device for free.

This app is simply outstanding! It has a wide variety of channels from all around the world. I love this because I can watch new tv shows from this application.

ThopTV does not disappoint live streaming. In fact, the quality is excellent, and it makes for an incredible viewing experience for those who want just to kick back and chill out at home or anywhere else, for that matter.

You can easily use ThopTV on your Android Smartphone. But I will guide you on how you can use this on your PC.

Total eight versions of Thoptv were released in 2020. The first version of this app was launched in March 2016. At present, this app is top-rated among people from all over the world because it allows you to watch premium shows for free.

Apart from watching cricket matches live, people watch their favorite dramas and shows, stage show, musical concert, etc., on the Thoptv application.

So lots of people want to download the Thoptv app for their PC.

ThopTV Top Features

There are tons of features of ThopTV, I am mentioning few of them.

#1. ThopTV PC- Free To Use

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If you want to watch your favorite shows and matches online, you need to purchase a plan in Hotstar or any other live streaming app.

Now you don’t have to fret anymore, because it is good to know that you can now enjoy all your matches, live and in high-definition quality!

Money is no more a barrier for you. I have found a solution because ThopTV allows you to watch all the live matches on your phone and tablet screen. So you will get the freedom to watch your favorite sports for free.

It gives you access to more than 4000 TV channels in one application. It is also compatible with your Windows PC.

#2. ThopTV PC-No Sign Up is Required

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Think of any website or mobile app. If you want to access their free service, you need to create an account before accessing their features.

This is not the case with Thoptv; it allows you to watch unlimited TV shows and movies, and sign up is required.

If you want to download any show or upgrade to the premium version, you need to create an account.

#3. ThopTV PC- Watch Live Matches

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If you are a sports lover, you can use ThopTV to fulfill your desires. With ThopTv from your home computer, you can now watch all of your favorite sports series in full HD! It is free, has no subscriptions, and you can watch it whenever and wherever you are!

Imagine missing a match when it’s the most crucial match. Thoptv lets you stream your favorite TV shows, dramas, movies, and Sports live and on-demand – anytime, anyplace (well, except for the away games, of course!) right at your fingertips with our web app.

#4. ThopTV PC- Free subscription

ThopTv Free Subscription | ThopTV FeaturesPin

As a student or an individual who doesn’t have enough money to purchase Hotstar, Netflix, etc., it can be challenging to pay for entertainment services which sometimes limit your viewing options.

Using an entertainment app such as ThopTV APK can help you access premium content free of charge. The best part is that there are no subscriptions or contracts.

If you want to download any show, you need to purchase their plan.

#5. ThopTV PC-Supports HD Streaming

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ThopTV is free to use; the shows and movies they provide you with are not low-quality. So you can access all your favorite shows without compromising on video quality.

They support 240p, 360p, 720p, or even 1080p, which is fantastic if you watch shows on your PC.

#6. ThopTV PC Supports Multi-Languages

ThopTv supports Multi Languages | ThopTV FeaturesPin

Thoptv provides you with unlimited entertainment in many classic and latest movies, TV shows, and more.

If you want to watch everything you love in your native language, ThopTV gives you the access to view all of their contents in other languages.

The app allows you to stream your favorite content at any time. Whatever language you speak, Thoptv will entertain you in it.

You can watch television shows and movies galore in any of the following locales: Hindi, English, Bengali, Marathi, Urdu, etc.

#7. More Channels, More Entertainment

ThopTV Features | Supports many channelsPin

Many viewers used to watch their favorite shows on different channels.

Now they can easily switch between them all without manually changing the channel, thanks to the ThopTV application for pc, which contains 4000 channels—these makeup areas of content like drama, fantasy, or cooking could be watched easily.

Cons of ThopTV

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​You have to pay a subscription fee to view premium video content on Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, and other similar sites.

ThopTV gives you free-to-watch access to all the premium shows on these sites as well as Live Cricket matches. You can watch it all for free! Even without Signup.

Nothing is free in this world; you have to pay something to get something. So, is ThopTV safe to use on your device? Is it legal? I will answer your questions.

I have personally used this app, and after a bit of my research, I found:-

No, ThopTV is not 100% safe; it is not on the play store or apple store. Furthermore, it is not tested by developers.

When installing ThopTV on your device, you have to allow permissions like contact, location, camera, and accessibility.

If you give accessibility permission to any app, it can completely control your device.

This app also runs illegally without any proper license. If you are using this on your device, you are compromising your Privacy.

But when I checked the file in virustotal, I did not found any virus or malware. It is safe.

Is ThopTV Safe? Is it Legal?

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Before you download this app on your device, you should thoroughly read its terms and conditions. If there are sensitive data in your device that you don’t want to share with anybody, I won’t recommend you download this app.

If you still want to use ThopTV on your device, I advise that you use it as an alternative device where you don’t have your sensitive data.

Now, is Thoptv legal?

No, ThopTV is not legal; they don’t have any lawful license, they are not on the Play store. Recently I found an article in Times Of India which claims that Cyber cell arrests ThopTV’s CEO.

He was illegally streaming and transmitting content of TV channels and causing them huge losses. Star India filed the case. If you want to know more, you can read the full news by clicking here.

ThopTV for PC [How To Download- Full Guide]

If you also want to download ThopTV on your Computer or Laptop, I will guide you with all the steps, and if you follow them, you will be able to use it on your PC without any issue.

If you want to use ThopTV on your PC, you need an Emulator because ThopTV is a mobile application. Just like we downloaded Kinemaster for PC using BlueStack 5. The same thing we are going to do.

Steps To Download and Install ThopTV for PC:

#Step 1. To download the ThopTV for PC, you need to go to https://tinyurl.com/5n6cup34 and search for ThopTV for PC, an article would come. Click on that article about ThopTV and Download the app.

#Step 2. In order to use ThopTV in your Computer you need an emulator. I will recommend you to download Blue Stack 5. Its the best emulator out there.

Fastest & Lightest Android App Player for PC - BlueStacks 5Pin

#Step 3. Download and Install the Emulator. Then Open it.

#Step 4. Click on the Install an APK Button. Then Open the ThopTV APK which we have downloaded yet.

image 2Pin

#Step 5. After Installing ThopTV, Click on the app and open it.

image 3Pin

#Step 6. Hurray! Use Your ThopTV apk in your PC.

image 4Pin

When you will open the app they may ask you to connect with a VPN, but you can ignore that. If you follow all the steps then I am 100% sure that you can download and use ThopTV in your PC.

Now enjoy all your favourite shows on a big screen. If you are facing any issue, feel free to comment me down, I will try my best to Solve your problem.

Why Thoptv is Not Working?

While writing this post, I accessed ThopTV from my PC if you face any errors and cannot access ThopTV.

It means ThopTV is banned due to copyright strikes. They have to face many strikes because they don’t have any legal licenses.

So, if ThopTV is not working in your device, it means it is banned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can We Install ThopTV in iPhone/IOS?

IOS is very strict in privacy, they don’t compromise with security. ThopTV don’t have any legal license nor they are on Google Play Store or in Apple Play Store. So, you can not install or use ThopTV in your apple or IOS device.

Q2. Does Thoptv work outside India?

No, ThopTV does not Work outside India, you need to use a VPN to use ThopTV outside India.

Q3. Does Thoptv has Netflix?

Yes, ThopTv has Netflix, you can access all the shows of Netflix on ThopTV for free.

Q4. How does Thoptv earn money?

The main income source of ThopTV is from running ads in their App. They also have a premium plan. As they have no proof that they are legal, they can sell you data to generate more revenue.

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