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Do you want to make beautiful designs, thumbnails, presentations, animations? If yes, then I will suggest you use Canva.

Canva is the graphic design software that helps users present their content visually.

It’s a complete design tool for the beginner, but it can also be used by professionals doing printable projects, PDFs and more.

Canva has a web version and mobile apps that allow users to instantly share their work with friends on social networks.

I use Canva premium to create featured images of my blog posts and Thumbnails for my YouTube channel.

It is straightforward to create designs using Canva.

But if you are a beginner and don’t have enough money to purchase Canva Premium, don’t worry. I will guide you with some methods. At the end I will give you some Premium Cookies of Canva Premium.

If you are a mobile user, I have the Canva Pro apk for you. To get that, you have to read the full post. It does not matter if you want to use Canva Pro on your computer or your phone. Just read this, and I will answer all your questions.

If you follow them carefully, you will use Canva premium for free. It is for sure.

Why Use Canva Pro

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Canva is a must-have for marketers, entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to design things quickly. I use this tool to edit my images. It is straightforward to create beautiful and eye-catching photos using Canva Pro.

There are many reasons to use Canva. Every single day they are getting more and more users.

15 Reasons to use Canva

  1. Canva has a variety of filters to use for enhancing photos. You can edit your pictures by adding these filters in Canva or using Canva’s library of images with pre-set filter options already applied.
  2. With the Canva Pro plan, you gain access to over 75 million free and premium images, as well as over 40000 templates; a tiny amount of these are accessible through the free plan.
  3. You can easily find icons, shapes, stickers, charts, grids, gradients and more in the Elements tab.
  4. Canva has dozens of fonts you can use, ranging from simple to sophisticated, including Font Sets, where you can find individual and font pairs.
  5. The drag-and-drop editor makes your work more effortless. Choose whatever you want to create, and Canva will display all the relevant items you might want to use. Add them by the drag-and-drop method and make changes as necessary.
  6. Most people think that Canva only covers images. But in reality, you can also create invitations, planners, business cards, blog banners, newsletters, menus, certificates, workbooks and flyers, so much more than that!
  7. Canva lets you apply animation effects with a single click. Free ones include Block, Breathe, Fade, Pan and Rise, while paid animations are also available.
  8. 100+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio and graphics.
  9. 610,000+ premium and free templates with new designs daily.
  10. Easily save and apply your brand pr campaign’s colors, logo, and fonts with up to 100 brand kits.
  11. Remove image background instantly with background remover.
  12. Resize designs infinitely with Magic Resize .
  13. Save designs as templates for your team to use .
  14. You will get 100 GB of cloud storage.
  15. Schedule social media content to 8 platforms.

Methods to Use Canva Premium Free

As you know, there are many limitations to the free plan of Canva. Like- you can’t use special templates, images, icons, fonts etc. Sometimes they give you a considerable watermark, which no one likes.

You want to try Canva Premium, but you are a beginner, and you don’t have enough money to purchase the premium plan of Canva.

So, don’t worry, I will guide you with some really simple methods; if you follow them, you can use Canva Premium for free.

#Method 1. Use Canva Pro Free Trial

Canva premium free trialPin

Canva provides you 30 days free trial, which is really amazing. It means you can try their premium features for 30 days without paying even a penny. I will guide you on trying Canva Premium for Free for 30 Days. So, make sure you follow all the steps.

#1. Go to Canva and Create a new account.

create account in canva proPin

#2. Now Click on Try Canva Pro For Free

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#3. Now Enter Your Card number and Click on Claim my Free Trial. Don’t worry, for a month you don’t need to pay any money. You can use their Premium Features for free for 30 days.

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After Trying Canva Pro, if you think that you need this tool then, you can renew it.

#Method 2. Canva Pro For Students

Canva has unique plans for students or teachers. It means if you are a student or a teacher, you can use Canva Pro for free. If you carefully follow all the steps shown in this post, you will get Canva Pro for free for 365 days

Yes, for a whole year. You may ask, “But how to get the Canva Pro For Students? What are the steps?”

Don’t worry, I will guide you.

NOTE- If you don’t have a college verified email ID, you can not use Canva Students pack.

#1. Go to Github Student Developer Pack. Then According to your Profession click on the Button.

canva premium for studentsPin

#2. Now, Create a new account using your college Email and verify your account.

image 7Pin

#3. Select the number of members you want in your team.

image 8Pin

#4. They will ask you which features you are interested to use. You can select all the features if you want. Then Click on Continue.

image 9Pin

#5. Now Click on “Create For Free”

image 10Pin

Congratulations! Your account is now successfully created on GitHub.

#6. Now Login Your Account on GitHub and Click on “Get access by Connection your GitHub on Canva

image 11Pin

#7. This is the last step, now sign in your GitHub account with Canva.

image 12Pin

Hurray! You now you can use Canva Premium for free for 1 year. If you are facing any issue, feel free to comment me down, I will try my best to help you with that.

#Method 3. Use Canva Premium Accounts.

canva premium accounts for freePin

In this method. I am going to provide you with some premium accounts for Canva pro.

Suppose someone buys a premium account in Canva. They can share it with their team members. You can simply join their team and access the Canva Premium For free.

But the question is, how will you get those accounts?

Don’t worry; I will give you some Team links of Canva Premium accounts; you can join them and access all the available premium features.

Click on the button below and check all the links; it will work for you. If it works, don’t forget to share the post with someone looking for Canva Premium accounts.

#Method 4. Use Canva Premium Cookies

Just like we can use Grammarly Premium for Free by using Premium cookies. We can do the same thing with Canva.

So, in this method I am going to guide you how you can use Canva Premium Cookies to use the Canva Pro. All the cookies of Canva Premium are 100% Working. I will guide you with each and every step, so make sure you follow them.

#Step 1. Install a Cookie Editor Extension.

cookie editor for grammarlyPin

#Step 2. Copy Canva Premium Cookies by clicking the Button below.

#step 3. Now click on Cookie Editor on the top right corner.

image 14

#step 4. – Click on Delete all option, then Click on Import and paste the cookies that you copied from step 2.

#Step 5. Refresh the page. (BOOM!! Now you can use all Canva Premium features for free.)

NOTE- Now you may wondering how to get regular updates. Don’t worry my friend, whenever the new update will come you just have to come back to this site and post a comment that ” Please Update the Accounts or cookies” I’ll update it for you. If you want anything else, feel free to comment. I hope you get success in your blogging journey.

Now it’s your turn. If you enjoyed this, then share it together with your friends or those who need this most– so I will keep making them! For more posts you can click on the notification bell – so once I post, you’ll get notified!.

Thanks in Advance

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