[100% Working] Filmora X Activation Key 2022 – Remove Watermark in Filmora X

Hello guys! are you using Filmora X to edit your videos? Are you a free user of Filmora X? Do you want an activation key?

The question is, why do you want the activation key for Filmora X? When I asked this same question from my Subscribers, they told me that they tried to remove the watermark from their video. Therefore they want an Activation key for filmora X.

Am I right? You want to remove that annoying watermark from your video; that is why you want an Activation Key.

So, don’t worry, I am here to help you. But, first, I will guide you with some methods to remove the watermark from Filmora X because your main priority is to remove the watermark from your video.

Then I will give you Activation Keys for Filmora X. I will guide you with the activation process of Filmora X.

Filmora X is a reliable tool for novice video editors who want to have some fun with their creative side. It’s got an attractive interface, and its tools are easy to learn.

It also has several innovative features that help enhance creativity and save time, like “duplicate,” which allows you to copy certain pieces from one video and paste it into another without losing your original footage.

Remove Watermark From Filmora X (Without Activation Key)

how to remove watermark from filmora XPin
No one likes watermark; it just spoils your hard-edited videos, am I right? Yes, removing a watermark can be a challenging game, but you will quickly remove the watermark from your videos if you follow the methods.

Removing the watermark from the edited video in Filmora means the big Transparent Filmora logo will disappear from your video.

There are many plus points of Using Filmora X, but the downside is that if you are using a free version of it, there will be a giant watermark in your video after exporting it. No one wants a huge watermark in their video.

First, I will guide you with some methods to remove the watermark from Filmora X, and then I will show you how You can Activate Your Filmora X software by using some activation keys. I am sure that it will work 100%. 

Note: The methods mentioned in the article may not work if the watermark is in the middle of the screen. While removing Filmora’s watermark may require a paid subscription.

#Method 1. Use a Watermark Remover

How to activate filmora X- use watermark removerPin

You can use a watermark remover to remove watermarks from your video; it is straightforward; you have to download a watermark removing software. After lots of research, I found the best Watermark removing software, HITPAW WATERMARK REMOVER. It is free to use, and you don’t need to pay for it.

If you don’t want to download software, you can easily use an online watermark remover tool Media.io. It is also free, and it is a pretty good way to remove the watermark from Filmora X.

#Method 2. Use a Screen Recorder

how to remove watermark in filmora x- use screen recorderPin

Yes, while writing this post, I got this idea. The idea is that after you edit your video, you can record it by using screen recording software. But how to do that?

Don’t worry, first you have to install screen recording software. But you may ask that which software should I use? After my research, I found that OBS Studio is the best free screen recording software.

So, after installing the software, you need to open your edited video in the Filmora software in prominent view, then you need to play the video and record it in the OBS Studio.

Using this superb trick, you need not worry about the watermark. Was it amazing, right?

#Method 3. Use Your Own Watermark

how to remove watermark in filmora x- use your watermarkPin

Instead of removing the Watermark from your video, you can use your own Watermark. For example, a simple tool called Kapwing; you just have to upload your video and choose the Watermark you want to show.

Then they will apply your own Watermark in the video, and you will be able to use it without any worry. So using your own Watermark can be a decent choice for you.

#Method 4. Use a Good Alternative

Use a good alternativePin

I have a subscription to Movavi Video Suite, consisting of a Video Editor, Screen Recorder, and a Convert video tool. You want to edit videos, so Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022 can be a good choice for you.

I edit videos using this software, and it is easy to use and user-friendly. You will also get a seven-day free trial.

If you want to get the one-month Activation key of Movavi Video Editor Plus 2022 (legally), then click here. You can also use Kinemaster PC to edit your videos. You can also use Shotcut, a free and open-source video editing software.

So, instead of removing the watermark, you can replace your Video editing software. This can be a good option for you.

Filmora X Activation Key

If you search “Filmora X activation Key” in Google, you will find many websites giving you the Activation Key. Did you try them? Did it work for you?

Obviously no! You just imagine, if someone purchases the Activation Key of Filmora X paying money from his pocket, why the hell will he give you the activation key?

So, don’t waste your time looking for the Activation Key for Filmora X.

There is Nothing better than purchasing a legal license key from the official website of Filmora. If you have the money to purchase this video editing software, it can be a good investment.

Because if you are using video editing software, it means you are a content creator, and investing in good video editing software is a good investment for any video creator.

The annual plan of Filmora X will cost you only $61.99; with this, you would be able to export your edited videos without any watermark. 

It means if you face any issues while using the software, their support team will help you.

Filmora X Activation Keys

  • Email: rsgreleaseteam@faksite.net
    Registration code: 17E68312BFC9A61C00F69506E61D57020
  • Email: rsgrt@releases.net
    License Key: 0511BC07A779170C76CDE8282839
  • Email: rsg@rt.pw
    Activation Key: FB4A2A2133BE301E09E0EC144BD6560
  • Email: rsgreleaseteam@lol.tv
    Key: 22DA0A04A5392E0C1689A31D09632315
  • Email: rsg@rm.pw
    Registration code: 44F32202E989971273308F07C90E38268
  • E-mail: c2943297@drdrb.com
  • Registration code: FB9694298253B51545E70D22B3033369
  • E-mail: c294367@drdrb.com
  • Registration code: D772BE0279AFE60AF0E1D2109CA89587
  • E-mail: c294690@drdrb.com
  • Registration code: 510B3C20A9E54E0FF1D2FC28BAD12220
  • E-mail: c294263@drdrb.com
  • Registration code: 35706E040C63EE00E377911BB9A3B334
  • E-mail: c294229@drdrb.com
  • Registration code: 00289623F7B3B81E14AEB526144B6D44
  • E-mail: c294167@drdrb.com
  • Registration code: 10403029CF3644154841651AF141E802

These Codes might or might not work for you due to limited members, so in the next Step I will guide you how you can activate Filmora X without using Activation Key.

Activating Filmora X Without Using Activation Key (100% Working)


You may be wondering how it is even possible; how can we activate Filmora X without an activation key? Just follow all the steps, and you will get the answer. This trick is 100% Working.

#Step 1. Download Filmora X official version from the link- https://cutt.ly/fXhumje

#Step 2. After Downloading the Software, turn off your antivirus. Go to Windows > Settings > Privacy and Security > Windows Security > Virus and Threat Protection > Manage Settings.

#Step 3. Extract the downloaded file and use the Password 123

#Step 4. Run the setup file as administrator and install the software.

#Step 5. Now Watch this Video to know one more Step- Activate Filmora X


Filmora X has some more new features like auto-frame, motion tracking, keyframing, AI Portrait, AR stickers, animated split-screen & preview render.

The file size of the latest version of Filmora is less than 1MB for Mac & 2.5MB for Windows. Whether you’d like to edit home movies to share with family or upload your content to YouTube or Vimeo for sharing, this video editor can help you beautifully enhance your videos from start to finish!

Filmora X is a simple yet strong video editing software that helps anyone of any skill level create amazing videos quickly and efficiently regardless of how advanced their video needs are.

The best part about Filmora X is -it has the power to help you create visually appealing and impressive videos.

Even if your computer has limited configurations or if it’s a bit outdated, making it the perfect solution for users desiring similar capabilities as professional video editors on computers costing three times more than theirs.

If you read the instructions carefully and follow any of them, I’m sure you’ll be able to remove watermarks in Filmora X. If you face any problems, let me know in the comment section. I will try my best to help you.

Now it’s your turn. If you enjoyed this, then share it together with your friends or those who need this most– so I will keep making them! For more posts you can click on the notification bell – so once I post, you’ll get notified!.

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