33+ Best Songs From YouTube Audio Library FREE Download [No Copyright]

Hey! YouTube Creators, are you finding best Music or Sound Effects for your YouTube Videos? If yes, then I am here to solve your problem.

In this post I’ll share some best Music From YouTube Audio Library and I will give you the direct download link of all these audio, so if you are looking for some best sound effects from YouTube Audio Library, then read the full post.

I know, it’s hard to find best sound effects for your video. It is really hard to find a relevant music or Sound effect for your videos, right?

I too have an YouTube channel and I use these Sound effects in my videos to make them more engaging.

Don’t worry all the music that I am going to provide you are 100% Copyright free, you can use them in your video without any issue.

You can use all these music tracks in your Gameplay, Vlogging, Unboxing, Cinematic or even in your Tutorial videos.

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But before I provide you with some best Music from YouTube Audio Library, let’s understand why sound effects are important for your videos.

Why Use Sound Effects in YouTube Videos

Sound is very important in producing the experience of a high-quality video. It allows for audiences to understand your message and gain more information about what is going on.

It also can help create emotional responses and add to the content of your video as a whole. When it all comes together perfectly, you have created something like a mini-movie.

Bad sound, however, can ruin your video and make people remember that instead of your message or story.

You should focus on getting good sound because poor sound will be essentially wasted footage no matter how much editing you do.

Make sure that when it comes to creating a complete audience experience regarding audio. Sound adds emotion and connects people to what they’re seeing. It supports each visual and every cut, and defines the overall mood and tone of your narrative.

What Is YouTube Music Audio Library?

First launched in 2013, YouTube provides an extensive library of music for you to use in your videos. This library is known as the YouTube Audio Library and it has managed to bring countless songs into one place for video creators to find and download.

YouTube Audio Library is a free service that allows content creators on Google’s video platform to search and browse through the millions of Creative Commons songs licensed by YouTube.

YouTube Audio Library- Can You Monetize?

YouTube Partners can monetize their videos with music and sound effects downloaded from the Audio Library.

They all are free to use, you can download them, I have provided you with some best songs from YouTube Audio Library.

Sometime you need to give them the credit in order to prevent your channel from Copyright claims.

Google’s support team also answers this question, that you can freely use Music and Sound effects from YouTube audio Library, there is no restriction. But in some cases you have to give them the credit.

You can read more about this by visiting the official page by Google itself- Use music and sound effects from the Audio Library.

30+ Best of YouTube Audio Library Music

YouTube Audio Library Best SongsPin

There are many tracks available in the YouTube Library track, but it’s difficult to find the good one. After watching many videos on YouTube I am able to make this list of best Music from YouTube audio library.

All these Music and sound effects are Copyright Free and you can use them in your video, without any issue. I will provide the download links of these music, so you would be able to easily download them.

You can use these Songs in your Vlogging, gaming, tutorial, unboxing or in educational videos. They all are free to use.

To make it more easy for you, I will also give you the video links of these songs.

Now you may be thinking How To Do Download These Songs? It’s very simple. You have to choose a song and then click on the three dot button and there will be an option to download the song.

#1. Vishnu by Patrick Patrikios

#2. Awful by Josh Pan

#3. 19th Floor by Bobby Richards

#4. Something is going on by Dodmode

#5. That one Bar Scene by RKVC

#6. Book the Rental Wit It by Rage

#7. Crock Pot

#8. Dutty by Vibe Tracks

#9. Parasail by Silent Partner

#10. Crimson Fly by Huma- Huma

#11. Forever by Anno domini Beats

#12. Rhodesia(Attribution Required) by Twin Musicom

#13. Same Time by Spence

#14. Snake On the beach by Nico staf

#15. Sunset N beachz by Ofshane

#16. She No dull by nana kwabena

#17. Yo Picasso by Verified Picasso

#18. Better by Anno Domini Beats

#19. Bella Bella Beat by Nana Kwabena

#20. Namaster Trip by Ofshane

#21. Revenge Body Beat by Nana Kwabena

#22. Crazy by Patrick Patrikios

#23. Today’s Plan by dj Freedem

#24. Blue Skies by Silent Partner

#25. 12 Hours In Addis by Nana Kwabena

#26. 100 Degrees Under by Rage

#27. Cash Machine by Anno Domini Beats

#28. Digifunk by Divkid

#29. India Fuse by French Fuse

#30. Like That by Anno Domini Beats

#31. Rinse Repeat by Divkid

#32. Sunday rain by cheel

#33. Tropic Fuse by French Fuse

So, these were some best songs from YouTube Audio Library!

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