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Hello beautiful bloggers, welcome back to another useful post. Do you want a fast and optimized WordPress Website?

If yes, then you are at the right post. In this blog I will step-by-step guide you that how you can achieve 95+ in PageSpeed or GTmetrix score. So, follow all the steps carefully and don’t skip anything otherwise it may not work for you.

Site speed is important for any website. Slow site speeds make users frustrated and less likely to stay on the site. However, not all of us are knowledgeable enough to know how to optimize our site’s speed without help. Luckily, there are many plugins that can help you optimize your WordPress website’s speed. This article will cover some of the best plugins for optimizing WordPress sites.

I’m giving lots of premium themes and plugins. Seriously, just for you! Keep reading and I’ll tell you what you get. It’s worth it, I promise!

Before we start, let’s understand why your website loading speed matters in 2021?

Importance of Site Speed

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40% of people will abandon your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load!!! Now, let’s say 100,000 people visit your site every month. If you slowed down to 4 seconds, you could lose 40,000 potential customers. This is really a huge amount.

If you want to communicate with users, then you need to reach them quickly and have the correct information. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, then you are losing a lot of potential visitors.

Websites like Amazon and Flipkart pays millions of dollars to achieve good page speed scores.

Improving your site speed will help you get better results, including lowering your bounce rate!

Now, Page Speed is a direct ranking factor in Google Search algorithm! Google has just announced that its page speed update will prioritize pages that offer a quality experience by having fast load times and a stable, non-moving page., This means that if your site loads in under 3 seconds, it will rank higher than sites that take longer to load.

If your site is well optimized then, your website will show up faster on search engines. When a potential customer searches for you, he will not delay too much, in fact, he’ll probably search for you right away. You will be listed at the top, which means that they will find you right away.

5+1 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Website

There are mainly three methods but to give you a brief explanation, I have divided it into 10 topics, so follow all these steps and you would be able to score good in Google PageSpeed. There are also some free gifts ? for you.

#1. Optimizing/Change the WordPress Theme

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If you want to maximize the performance of your WordPress website, then the theme that you use in your site must be responsive, light, SEO friendly and simple.

There are plenty of themes out there that actually do a remarkable job of making your website fast and responsive. Some of them do such a great job, that they have acquired the title of “fastest WordPress themes on the web.”

Some of the ones that I would like to recommend are: GeneratePress, Divi, Astra or you can use any other light WordPress theme in your website.

? If you want to get these premium themes for free- Best Premium WordPress Themes For Free. All these themes are under GPL license and you can download then for free.

#2. Optimize your images

Using images in your website will engage more audience, the size of images are larger than plain text which means they take longer to load, slowing down your website. You can have a faster site with less loading time—all by optimizing your images for the web.

You can use WordPress image compression plugins to help you optimize the size of your images. This will improve your WordPress SEO and help get more traffic to your site!

I want to give best things to my subscribers, so there are some best WordPress Image compressor plugins for you for free.

These are the Official links of Image Compressor Plugins, downloaded from WordPress.

If you don’t use many images in your website then I will suggest you to go with TinyPNG, I too use this plugin in my website.

1) Download, Upload and then Activate the Plugin.

2) Go to the “Settings” options on the left-hand side panel of the WordPress dashboard. Then select the “Tiny PNG” option. 

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3) Create account and enter the API key, to Activate your account.

4) Now, there will be many options. With these settings (Shown in the image) you will get monthly 500 image credits.

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#3. Use CDN to Speed Up Your site (Get Free 3000GB)

A CDN is a high-speed network of servers that deliver files to users around the world. With a CDN, content can be requested from any server in the network, with those servers getting the content off of a data center close to you! It’s perfect for websites and apps with lots of content.

Using a good CDN will definitely improve your site’s speed. I use Bunny CDN in my website, and it is one of the Best CDN I have ever used. You can use both Cloudflare and BunnyCDN in your website. That’s amazing.

If you want to get $30 free credits into your account then ???

Then apply these Promo Codes and enjoy.

To, know the full tutorial you can watch this video, or read the it by clicking here.

#4. Installing a Cache Plugin (WP Rocket)

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Believe me, your 60% job will done, if you just follow this step. Speed up website performance with a cache plugin.

Caching can help reduce the load on your hosting server, saving server memory and I/O operations. Caching data is important because it helps speed up application performance and increase efficiency.

It stores data locally, which means browsers and websites will load faster because access elements such as homepage images have previously been downloaded.

There are many cache plugins available, but the best cache plugin that I have ever used is WP Rocket. This plugin costs about $249. I know you are are new in this blogging journey and you don’t have enough money to invest on this plugin.

Don’t worry I have a solution, you can download this plugin for free. Just copy and paste the url in new tab-

#5. Use a Good Hosting

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No matter how well you optimize your website, if you are using a bad hosting, then it is not going to work. If you want to be successful on the internet, you need to choose a reliable host with very little downtime. Every minute your site is down could mean the loss of a customer! Luckily, there are many web hosting providers.

I am providing you a list of best Hosting Provider Company-

  1. Bluehost web hosting – $2.75/month
  2. Hostgator – $2.08/month
  3. Hostinger – $1.39/month
  4. Inmotion – $106/month
  5. Hostwinds – $2.59/month
  6. Dreamhost – $2.49/month
  7. GreenGeeks – $2.49/month
  8. – $3.75/month
  9. LiquidWeb – $1/month
  10. NameCheap – $2.88/month
  11. WP Engine -$31/month

#6. Bonus Tips

Get ready to see your website fly with these handy tips to speed up your site!

  • Reduce the number of plugins
  • Disable plugins that you don’t use often
  • Update your website regularly
  • Don’t use too many widgets
  • Avoid using direct videos (Use iframes)

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