$30 Premium Bunny CDN for Free (Up to 3000 GB Storage) Time is Limited!!!

If you’re wanting to improve your website’s speed, then BunnyCDN is a great option. Not only that, but you can get up to $30 worth of premium CDN for free.

But how?

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You can download the WP Rocket plugin for free by following the link in this post. This CDN is a great tool for your website and can help improve your site’s performance.

Note– Before you get the CDN make sure you download the WP Rocket plugin.

What is CDN?

Before I give you $30 Premium CDN, you must know that what is CDN. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network.

A CDN (content delivery network) is a high-speed network of servers that delivers files, such as images and videos, to users around the world. Content on a CDN can be requested from any server in the network, and those servers will get the content from a data center close to the user.

This type of system has many benefits for websites and apps that have lots of content. For instance, by delivering content closer to end users (rather than having all of their servers located in one place), a CDN provider cuts down on page load times.

Additionally, it helps provide faster download speeds for mobile users since they’re downloading files from nearby locations. It also makes it easier for websites or apps to offer streaming video or audio services because they don’t need to worry about hosting all.

CDN is one of the most common techniques for improving website loading speed. It doesn’t mean that CDN is always recommended for websites.

Steps To Get Up To $30 CDN

What many website owners don’t know is that Bunny CDN is not only one of the best Content Delivery Network Providers, but they also offer a much needed service. Their CDN services can help improve website loading speeds, which is essential for keeping visitors engaged on your site.

So, I will give you some promo codes for Bunny CDN. By using these codes, you can add up to $30 to your account for free.

Step 1. Click the button below to get 1000GB of free CDN storage for 14 days.

image 4Pin

Step 2.

Fill your E-mail and Password then click on Create Account.

image 5Pin

Step 3.

Congratulations!!! Now you can access 1000 GB Storage for 14 Days for free. [Make sure you create your account by the above link.]

image 7

Step 4.

Now Click on Account.

image 9Pin

Step 5.

Click on Update Account Details.

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Step 6.

Fill all the Account Details, Street Address, Email, and Country. Then click on Update Account.

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Step 7.

You are very close to your $30 Premium CDN. Click on Enter Promo Code.

image 12Pin

Step 8.

It is very important step, here you have to enter some Promo Codes. [Note– Some Promo Codes May not work for you] You can create multiple BunnyCDN accounts to get more space. Now enjoy your codes:

BunnCDN Promo CodeDescription
WPLOGOUT$5 Credits
BECLIPSE5$5 Credits

8 Major Benefits and Advantages of Using CDN

There are multiple benefits of using a CDN network, here are some following advantages of using a good CDN:

  • CDNs are specifically built to make the Internet work better, deliver media at scale, and to enable all of the connected experiences you can imagine. It decreases the loading time and boost your website’s speed.
  • A CDN delivers webpages to the end user through a local server, which reduces latency and makes content load faster.
  • CDNs are beneficial for websites with heavy traffic. They can simultaneously serve content from multiple servers, which helps decrease page loading time and even prevent website crashes.
  • CDNs provide faster delivery of content to end-users and are scalable. It also prevents the problem of over-utilizing a single server and thus ensures higher uptime for website owners.
  • CDN providers use caching servers that store copies of static assets on servers located close to their end-users. This reduces latency, or the time it takes for information to travel from one location to another, and provides better website experience.
  • The content can be delivered from a server that is closer to the end user, leading to faster delivery times and less buffer time due to buffering through a slower connection.
  • The content on your website can be cached in multiple data centers, making it available at a moment’s notice when somebody requests it.
  • You have control over how much bandwidth your site needs by choosing the location and data center where you want your content served from.

What is Bunny CDN

Bunny cdn short reviewPin

BunnyCDN is a CDN service provider that offers fast and reliable content delivery. They are one of the best CDNs in the industry and provide high-quality services.

Their services are mainly used by websites, domains, and social media networks, but they also offer custom solutions to ensure that their clients reach the audience where they need them the most.

The company was founded in 2009 with a mission to provide its clients with excellent service at an affordable price.

Bunny CDN- A short Review

This company is a CDN that has been around for over 10 years. They do not offer any web design services or SEO services but they are one of the best options for hosting and bandwidth, which is why most CDNs partner with them.

BunnyCDN reviews are mainly positive as people have been enjoying their services for many years now. The company has earned a good reputation among both new and existing customers because of its honesty and transparency about its products, prices, and services on offer. This has helped it grow into one of the largest CDN providers in the world.

Bunny CDN Plans

image 13Pin

Bunny CDN offers customers a wide range of hosting and bandwidth options to choose from. Their prices start at $10 per month for 10TB of bandwidth, which can be increased up to $500 per month for 100TB.

Customers also have the option to use the CDN as their origin servers or cache servers which will increase their total hosting cost by $35 and $75 respectively, but it saves them time when they need to migrate their site or they do not want to install their own server onsite.

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