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Do you want to create an automated website? If yes, you need WP Automatic plugin. And if you are reading this blog, it means you want to download the WordPress Automatic Plugin for Free.

I know you are a beginner and may not have enough money to invest on this plugin. But don’t worry I am here for you. In this blog I will guide you on how you can download the WP Automatic plugin for free.

Why read this Blog if there is already hundreds of websites providing you the W3 Total Cache plugin for free? The reasons are:

  • The plugin that I am going to share with you doesn’t contain any viruses. Verified by Virustotal.
  • The plugin comes under a GPL license, so you can use it on multiple websites.
  • I will provide you the latest version of the WP Automatic plugin.
  • I will provide you the original file of the plugin. (Not Cracked or Nulled)
  • You have to comment, and I will update the plugin for you.
  • I am not charging anything from you; it’s free.
  • I download the plugin from an Authentic site, and after checking it, I share it with you.

I am sure that after reading this blog, you will b using the WP Rocket in your website.

So, are you ready?

Why Download WP Automatic Plugin free

Auto blogging isn’t a new idea; some popular sites work on autopilot and earn a handsome revenue regularly.

WordPress provides a simple choice to create an auto blogging site with the assistance of some plugins.

If you are looking for anyone who will automatically publish articles on your website, this plugin is for you.

This WP automatic plugin can automatically fetch articles from many social media platforms.

I am providing you the GPL version of WP Automatic plugin, and under GPL license it is legal to use GPL themes and Plugins in your website. GPL is the General Public License. It is a free license that allows users to distribute, modify or resell the product.

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What is WordPress Automatic Plugin


WordPress Automatic Plugin presents from different sources on WordPress directly.

It can post quality designated articles like Amazon Products, Clickbank Products, Walmart items, YouTube Videos, Vimeo recordings, Daily Motion recordings, Feeds posts, eBay barters, Flickr pictures, Instagram Images, Pinterest pins, Reddits, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, Craigslist classifieds, Itunes applications/tunes/digital books/films/webcasts, Envato things and SoundCloud melodies on auto-pilot. 

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WordPress Automatic Plugin Features

  • The auto post-Amazon products to WordPress

Import products from Amazon by keyword or browse node Full WooCommerce support with product gallery and price Price updates and affiliate links get set automatically.

  • Auto-post from Envato to WordPress

Import from Envato markets like CC & ThemeForest Import by keyword, tag, category or a selected seller Affiliate links gets automatically set.

  • Auto-post from Facebook to WordPress

Automatically import from the Facebook page, personal profiles, open or closed groups. Monitor and import any new post Extensive filtering options to filter by type, date and more.

  • Auto-post from Twitter to WordPress

Automatically import from Twitter by keyword, hashtag, or a selected profile and auto-publish new posts to your website with this auto poster WordPress plugin.

  • Auto-post from Reddit to WordPress

Import Reddits from any Reddit URL so it can import by search, specific user reddits or subreddit it can import the comments and embed videos and GIFs.

  • Auto-post Spintax to WordPress

Have content in Spintax form; The plugin can generate as many desired articles from this Spintax and auto-publish them automatically to WordPress.

  • Auto-post DailyMotion videos to WordPress

Post videos from DailyMotion by keyword, username or a selected playlist and auto-publish them to your website with this auto-import WordPress plugin.

  • Auto-post from RSS feeds to WordPress

Add any RSS feed for the plugin to repeat the posts from any website. It can import the complete content, author ,tags, categories and set the featured image.

  • Auto post from any website to WordPress

Single-page scraper can import the wanted part from any URL. it’ll keep monitoring this part and replica to a new post or update an existing post if it changes.

Multi-page scraper can import multiple posts from any website. It also supports pagination so you will import all posts from almost any website.

  • Auto post eBay products to WordPress

Auto import from eBay by keyword or by seller, Full WooCommerce support with product gallery and price Affiliate links get automatically set.

  • Auto post Walmart products to WordPress

Automatically import from Walmart by keyword Full WooCommerce support with product gallery and price Affiliate links get automatically set.

  • Auto post ClickBank products to WordPress

Automatically import from ClickBank by keyword product description gets imported from product source Affiliate links get automatically set.

  • Auto post Craigslist listings to WordPress

Import listings from Craigslist. Just add any CL URL and the plugin will automatically import all listings from it and auto publish to your WordPress.

  • Auto post from CareerJet to WordPress

Import jobs from CareerJet by keyword and optionally a specific location with the choice to filter by period and can filter by contract type also .

  • Auto post from Instagram to WordPress

Automatically import from Instagram by keyword, hashtag or a specific profile. It can import comments and tags. It can import popular posts only or from recent items.

  • Auto post from Pinterest to WordPress

Import Pinterest pins by keyword, board or from a specific profile and publish them on to your website with this auto grabber WordPress plugin.

  • Auto post Flickr images to WordPress

Automatically import from Flickr by keyword, Profile or from a selected album. It can auto set WordPress tags from image tags automatically.

  • Auto post Youtube videos to WordPress

Post videos from YouTube by keyword, username or by a selected playlist and auto publish them to your website with this auto grabber WordPress plugin.

  • Auto post Vimeo videos to WordPress

Post videos from Vimeo by keyword, username, channel or by a selected album and auto publish them to your website with this auto post WordPress plugin.

  • Auto post SoundCloud sounds to WordPress

Post audio from SoundCloud by keyword, username or by specific playlist and auto publish them to your website with this auto blog WordPress plugin.

  • Auto post from Itunes to WordPress

Post anything from Itunes including Music, Apps, PodcastseBooks, audio books, Movies, Tv shows and every one from Itunes website with this auto grabber WordPress plugin.

  • Auto post Ezine articles to WordPress

Post articles from ezinearticles.com by keyword just add the keywords you would like articles about and WordPress Automatic Plugin will import automatically.

  • Auto post TikTok videos to WordPress posts

Post videos from TikTok by hashtag or from a selected user set video hashtags as WordPress tags automatically remove hashtags from the title or the post content.

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Some More Exiciting features of WP Automatic Plugin

  • Post keywords as tag– The plugin can post keywords as WordPress tags.
  • Custom post types support– The plugin can post to your custom post type like the woo-commerce product.
  • Auto hyperlink keywords– The plugin can automatically hyperlink specified keywords together with your affiliate link or any fixed link.
  • Automatically set WordPress featured image– The plugin can auto-selected post featured images from the primary image within the post content.
  • Cache images to your server– The plugin can cache images to the server and alter their links to your site link.
  • Choose must exist words and phrases– You’ll specify words that have got to be within the WordPress post content.
  • Exclude words and phrases– You’ll set words and phrases that have got to not be within the WordPress post content.
  • Translate your content before posting– You’ll notice that the plugin automatically translates the content before posting using Google translate, Microsoft translator, Deepl, or Yandex translate. You’ll put it to solve it twice to urge unique content.
  • Automatically add custom fields to new posts– You’ll observe that the plugin will feature custom fields to the published posts. These fields can contain any information from the post added like title, author, content, image, price, rating .. etc. Allowed tags are listed automatically to settle on from and differ for every campaign type.
  • Auto search and replace support– The plugin can search the content before posting for your specified words and replace them.
  • Keyword suggestion– Writing the primary letters of the keyword lists all keywords starting with this letter to settle on from.
  • Support for an automatic content spin using the simplest spinner– The simplest spinner (thebestspinner.com) takes the article and replaces synonyms using its synonyms database to make a 100% unique article.
  • Support posts templates– The content of the post is often formed in several formats by using tags like [post_content], [post_title],[product_price].. etc. supported tags differ for every campaign and listed automatically to settle on from.
  • TrueMag/NewsTube/VideoPro theme on the fly integration– Suppose you’re posting videos from Youtube/Vimeo/Instagram, and you’re using one among these great video themes named TrueMag, VideoPro, NewsTube. In that case, the plugin knows if you’re using this theme and can automatically add the needed configuration to layout the video with the music.

WP Automatic Pricing

image 1Pin

If you want to download this plugin from codecanyon, you can but it will cost you about $30 for lifetime access + their customer support. If you are a beginner and don’t have enough money to invest upon the plugin, don’t worry.

I will give you this plugin for absolutely free. And don’t worry I guarantee it is one hundred percent legal and virus free. So take a deep breathe and relax. But before you download this plugin make sure you watch the video.

WordPress Automatic Plugin Free Download

Now, I hope you have read all the amazing features of WordPress Automatic Plugin, now I will provide you the download link of WordPress automatic plugin, you will get this $30 plugin for free.

But before you download the plugin make sure you SUBSCRIBE your Youtube channel, it is free. Also like the video, it really motivates me to make more genuine contents for you.

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Steps to Download WP Automatic Plugin For Free

  • Step 1 – Copy the link- {https://tinyurl.com/yck7a7nt} and open it in new tab.
  • Step 2- Download the plugin
  • Step 3- Go to Plugins-> Add New-> Upload New Plugin
  • Step 4- Upload your downloaded plugin.
  • Step 5- Activate it and Enjoy!

NOTE- If there are updates available for any theme or plugin, notify me via email. Specify the theme or plugin in question, and I will proceed with the necessary updates on your behalf.

Now it’s your turn. If you enjoyed this, then share it together with your friends or those who need this most– so I will keep making them! For more posts you can click on the notification bell – so once I post, you’ll get notified!.

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