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Divi Theme Free Download with API Key(Latest Version)

Today, I’m taking a look at Divi; many website builders love this theme, but you are a beginner, and I am sure you don’t have enough money to buy this theme. So, I’m going to give you this $249 theme for free.

After you read the full review of this Divi theme, I will give you this theme for absolutely free, without paying a penny. Are you excited?

If yes, then let’s find out how to get Divi theme for free (Lifetime Access + Activation Key).

What is Divi

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Divi is a super theme on steroids. Not only does it have hundreds of demo layouts and website packs, but it’s also a proprietary WYSIWYG page builder.

You can use the Divi theme, which uses the Divi page builder, or you can use the Divi page builder plugin with any WordPress theme.

For $89 a year or $249 lifetime, you’ll gain access to Divi and the other Elegant Themes products, which we’ll touch on later.

Divi Theme Expericene

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My experience with Divi was relatively positive. It’s a top tier super theme that I respect. It features a high-quality backend that is intuitive to edit once you get past the initial learning curve.

After installing, you’ll want to refer to the Divi documentation to learn the ropes of importing website layouts and using the backend.

The great thing about Divi is that it’s a widely popular and supported theme. So you can find tons of articles and YouTube videos on how to use it.

You can also reach out to Divi’s support team, which is pretty responsive and offers 24/7 chat support.

They advertise the reply time of a few hours, but I usually get a reply in just a few minutes for basic questions and inquiries.

Go on their site and try it; I think you’ll be surprised at how quickly they respond.

Divi Page Builder

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The Divi page builder offers a front end visual builder similar to what you’d get with Wix or Squarespace. You can also access a traditional backend block builder if you enable the WordPress Classic Editor.

If you want WYSIWYG experience of visually editing a page, typing right into the controls and dragging elements around, I think Divi is a great page builder.

I enjoyed using the front end editor much more than I enjoy the front end editor on WPBakery, but I wouldn’t recommend Divi if you want to use the backend editor.

I find that it’s really hard to follow without previewing what each element is like you would have with WPBakery, and it’s a frustrating experience.

I’m looking at texts, texts, text, images, not knowing what block of text or what image I’m working with, and it just makes me want to rip my hair out.

So I would stick to the front end editor if you’re going to use Divi. Speaking of frustrating experiences, the header system is atrocious in Divi. With most themes, you would edit the header styling in the themes main settings panel. With Divi, the header is 100% customizable. 

You can change every element and make a completely custom header and footer. I appreciate the flexibility, but Divi’s implementation of layout imports doesn’t make any sense.

When you input a page layout with demo content, the header doesn’t change. It stays as the default Divi page header from years past, and the only way to get a similar looking header is to search the Elegant Themes website for free header packs.

Find one that looks like it fits the style, download the template, and import it to the backend header section. If this sounds confusing, it is; I bought a header pack on the Elegant Themes website.

So I have many header styles to choose from, and I’m not stuck hunting down free headers here and there on the Elegant Themes blog, but there should be free header styles that ship with the theme and match the demo page layout.

This is hands down the most frustrating part of Divi. I don’t think it’s a deal-breaker, but it’s a wacky learning curve to overcome. Divi does have a marketplace on its website, and everything available is from third-party developers.

You can find extensions, child themes and layouts. It blows my mind that Divi is a big enough theme to where they have their in-house marketplace for third-party extensions.

It’s like you can buy a theme for your theme Ana. That’s why Divi is a page builder just as much as it’s a WordPress theme.

As mentioned earlier, you can upload the Divi page builder plugin to other themes and get the same WYSIWYG page building experience on any WordPress site, and that means you can easily drag and drop elements onto any page.

Divi Extras

Also included in your Elegant Themes account is access to extra. Their magazine theme useful for blogs and news publications. It’s built using the Divi page builder, so the experience is much like the Divi theme.

You also get access to two Elegant Themes plugins, Bloom and Monarch. Bloom is an email opt-in and lead generation plugin similar to Sumo or OptinMonster.

Monarch is a social media sharing plugin that puts or share the call to action on your post in various spots.

These plugins can both be installed on any WordPress website, including sites that don’t use Divi, and they can also be installed on unlimited WordPress sites.

I’m not going to focus too much on these bonus items in this post, but I wanted to mention them because they add value.

Is Divi really Good?

Speaking of value, is Divi actually worth the cost? I happen to think Divi is one of the best values out there of any WordPress theme and let me explain why.

So typically when you go to build a WordPress website, you would look on a marketplace like ThemeForest to find a theme. You can expect to pay a $60 one time fee for one license to the particular theme and you’ll get six months of support from the developer.

After that, the developer has every right to charge you for a new support plan and you’ll have to buy a license to use the theme on every website you install it on. So if you have two websites, that’s $120, three websites is $180 and so on.

Divi is different, for $89 a year or $249 for life, Divi offers installs on unlimited websites and ongoing support.

If you subscribe to the yearly plan, you would have support and updates for as long as you’re subscribed. If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to support and updates but you can continue to use the last version of Divi installed on your sites from before the plan expired in perpetuity.

With the lifetime plan, you will get customer support and updates to Divi for forever. Not to mention it can be used on unlimited sites. 249 can seem like a big price to swallow and I’m not suggesting you go out and buy Divi if it’s out of your price range.

But if you’re thinking it’s expensive think about a site like Squarespace or Wix where you’re paying a monthly fee for every site you create in perpetuity.

Operate two Squarespace sites and you’re paying around $300 a year just to keep them running. With Divi, your only ongoing cost to run your websites is web hosting.

Get a server from a host like Cloudways and for $10 a month, you could easily host five plus WordPress websites with no problems. And you might be wondering what are the odds that Divi is even gonna be around in five years?

If I purchase a lifetime subscription is that even sustainable for Elegant Themes? What if they pack up shop a year from now?

I can tell you that’s not gonna happen. Elegant Themes has been a persistent player in the WordPress theme industry for years and being that they were using the subscription in the lifetime purchase business model when I used their themes many years ago, it’s safe to say they aren’t going anywhere.

I used Elegant Themes before Divi was even cool and they’ve preserved their level of support, high quality themes and great value over the years.

Who is Divi For?

First, beginners who are looking for a powerful WYSIWYG WordPress theme that’s got a ton of tutorials online to help you get started not to mention high-quality customer support but Divi can also be a great fit for users needing a repeatable model to make WordPress websites, affordably and efficiently.

I said this in my video, exploring the best WordPress themes, you should pick one to two credible super themes and master them.

Whether you’re doing a lot of websites for yourself or you’re doing freelance web design, you should become an expert with one to two powerful, flexible widely supported WordPress themes and get as fast with it as possible so you can crank out websites one after another, after another.

So if you’re getting into freelancing or you’re just the type of person who has a bunch of website projects you’re always working on, the lifetime Divi plan is widely enticing. You are allowed to use it on client websites.

So for a one-time $249 fee, you can use Divi again and again and again and neither you nor your client will ever have to pay a dime for further access.

Divi Theme Free Download

After getting all the knowledge about the Divi theme now, I am going to give you this $249 theme for absolutely free with activation key, but but but- you have to promise that you will share the post and will complete the like aim of 100 likes on this video.

Carefully watch the full video to download Divi theme for 100% free. I have guided you, and showed you step by step process, hot to get this theme.

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Now After Downloading the Theme, here is the API key, download it and Enjoy.

NOTE- If you are having any issue while downloading this theme, then let me know in the comment section. I’ll try my best to help you. This theme is one hundred percent safe to use. If you want any other theme or plugin feel free to comment. I hope you get success in your blogging journey.

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